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A film on Afghanistan financed with crypto

A documentary film about Afghanistan that was partially financed with cryptocurrencies premiered at the Venice Film Festival on Tuesday, 7 September.

“Beyond the border”, a film on Afghanistan financed with crypto

The documentary, entitled “Beyond the border” and directed by Indian director Naseer Khanday, tells the story of two Americans who spend a holiday of a few weeks in Afghanistan, more precisely in the Bamiyan Valley, with the aim of giving groups of local children as many snowboards as possible to distract them from the state of desolation and neglect in which they live.

“Beyond the border” has been financed with cryptocurrencies

Italy hosts groundbreaking docufilm at Cinecittà

The current tragic events prompted co-producers Burkhan World and Yugen Media to present the documentary at an event organized and moderated by Mirko Negri at the Italian Pavilion in Cinecittà, where the Festival’s most important institutional initiatives take place.

To finance the initial production, Suril Desai, CEO of Yugen Media, used part of his profits from Bitcoin (BTC) and commented on this type of investment:

“Using cryptocurrencies to partially fund such an important story right now through Alt-Finance, shows how innovation can help people around the world and not just be used for immediate monetary gains.”

Alternative finance refers to financial channels, processes and instruments that have emerged outside the traditional financial system of regulated banks and capital markets. Examples of this include the use of crowdfunding or crypto.

Cultural inclusion of Central and South East Asian countries

Desai also announced that they are working with Burkhan Media to create an NFT based on the documentary “Beyond the border”. Investing in the non-fungible token will allow the producers to raise additional funds to produce the next four planned documentaries, which will focus on cultural inclusion in Central and South East Asian countries.

Burkhan World Production, part of Burkhan World Investment’s corporate ecosystem, currently creates films with the goal of showing developing countries that need the world to see them in a new light and give them the opportunity to bring tourism and stabilise their economies.

Burkhan invests and operates purely in the financial sector, from mining to financing services, but also in the technology sector through cybersecurity projects and in the real estate sector through investments in infrastructure for new smart cities.

It also owns three $250 million Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) that it plans to list on NASDAQ by the end of the fall, focusing on fintech, artificial intelligence, media content and gamification.

CEO of Burkhan World Shahal Khan said:

“Our vision is to help develop economies from scratch so that people have hope for peace through financial inclusion.”


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