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Square with OIN for non-aggression of patents in OSS

Jack Dorsey’s Square is joining the largest patent non-aggression community for OSS, the Open Invention Network (OIN), to safeguard open source software.

According to reports, the US financial services and digital payments company Square leverages OSS to deliver best-in-class platforms, applications and services.

Square with OIN for collaborative technology development

Together with ONI, Square will be able to participate in the community’s mission for patent non-aggression in OSS.

Keith Bergelt, CEO of OIN commented:

“As a global leader in the effort to democratize financial services, we are pleased that Square is committed to patent non-aggression in core Linux and adjacent open source technologies”.

The OIN community implements patent non-aggression in core Linux and adjacent open source technologies by cross-licensing Linux system patents to each other on a royalty-free basis.

Another clarification about the new collaboration between Square and OIN is also provided by Max Sills, Square’s advisor and general manager of COPA – Crypto Open Patent Alliance:

“We recognize the value in shared innovation, a fundamental characteristic of open source communities. In addition to joining OIN, Square is one of the founders of the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), a collaborative consortium in which members pledge not to use their crypto technology patents, except for defensive purposes. Our participation in the OIN community demonstrates our commitment to support collaborative technology development”.

The world’s largest patent non-aggression consortium Open Invention Network aims to protect Linux, its open source software and the companies behind it, from all patent attacks and patent trolls.

ONI has also expanded its reach of core Linux programmes and adjacent open source code by expanding its Linux System Definition to include other patents such as the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) file system.

Square is working on a DEX for Bitcoin

Square, open-source software and DEX for Bitcoin

The company owned by Dorsey, who also founded the famous social network of crypto-lovers Twitter, has therefore come on board OIN to safeguard open source software.

At the same time, Square’s new division, TBD, aimed at creating an open-source platform for developers, recently announced that it is planning to build a decentralized exchange for Bitcoin. 

This is a new step forward in the world of open-source and crypto for bitcoin enthusiast Jack Dorsey, who in honour of TBD’s launch had already revealed that he will soon be developing new platforms for open-source financial services dedicated to BTC.

The new DEX for bitcoin, therefore, is a small concrete step for Dorsey who stated the following:

“Bitcoin is for everyone. It’s important for us to build an inclusive product that brings a non-captive solution to the global marketplace”.


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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