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Revolut, projects to reduce environmental impact

Revolut is partnering with Watershed to reduce its carbon footprint and its environmental impact.

Revolut and Watershed to reduce environmental impact

The two companies have been working together for several months now. The aim of both is to reduce carbon emissions.

Watershed, a leader in creating global environmental programmes, will measure Revolut’s consumption data and keep emissions under control, developing strategies to reduce environmental impact. 

Revolut aims to reduce its emissions to a minimum, thereby complying with the Paris Agreement. 

At present, Revolut‘s plans for eco-sustainability are divided into two points:

  • confirming the current carbon footprint;
  • implementing effective measures to become more environmentally sustainable. 

Revolut will do this by involving all interested parties, not only customers but also employees and commercial and charitable partners. 

Revolut for the protection of the environment

Revolut’s decision to reduce its environmental impact reflects the company’s latest moves. 

In early 2021, Revolut joined Tech Zero, an initiative that brings together UK tech companies that want to be leaders in environmental change.

The super app has already been partnering with renowned environmental organizations including WWF, Rainforest Alliance and Open Cages for years. Through its app, Revolut enables its users to make donations to them. To date, Revolut has raised over £1 million in donations to environmental organizations. 

With over 16 million customers worldwide, Revolut could not remain insensitive to the issue of climate change. 

Revolut wants to fight climate change

Alan Chang, Revolut’s Chief Revenue Officer, said:

“We want to help make the shift towards a more green future a reality, which is why we have partnered with Watershed, we believe they will help us reach our sustainable goals”.

Taylor Francis, co-founder of Watershed, added:

“We are delighted to cooperate with Revolut on their global corporate climate program. We aim to accelerate the fight against climate change by building tools that modern organizations, such as Revolut, need to get to zero carbon, fast”.

The need for change

The latest IPCC report notes that there is no more time: we must reverse course or the increase in global warming will have serious consequences. 

Warmer summer seasons and shorter winters are predicted. But climate change is also reflected in more intense rainfall, which will lead to flooding or, on the contrary, to prolonged periods of drought, depending on the regions of the globe where it impacts. 

The report predicts that extreme events that usually occur once every 100 years could occur once a year. 

The alternative to this catastrophic scenario is an immediate reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as methane.

Revolut wanted to join this fight and together with Watershed will contribute to do its part. 


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