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Revolut: 2000 employees in permanent flexible working

Revolut today announced that from now on its 2000 employees worldwide will be able to enjoy permanent flexible working, i.e. being able to decide when and how often to work remotely or in the office.

This idea is supported by RevLabs‘ innovative real estate strategy and was obviously taken in response to the preferences expressed by its employees.

As a result, the vast majority of its employees will be able to choose when and how often they want to work from home or travel to the office, and in the new RevLabs offices 70% of the space will be dedicated to collaboration and teamwork.

Revolut’s employment survey

During this coronavirus period, employees have had to start working remotely and 98% of them – along with 90% of team leaders – prefer it, claiming that performance has not changed. 

However, 65% of employees said they would like the freedom to come into the office when they want so they can brainstorm with colleagues in person, so the company wanted to give everyone a choice.

This internal survey also showed that 92% of employees have not seen any changes in their individual productivity or, if there have been changes, these have been positive. 

80% of employees also believe that team collaboration has not changed and 96% of employees believe that team performance has not been negatively affected by remote working.

Furthermore, for 86% of respondents, not having to travel to the office and therefore avoiding the commute is the main benefit of remote working, while 60% acknowledge a better work-life balance.

Jim MacDougall, VP of People at Revolut, states: 

“Our people have told us that they really love the better balance they’ve achieved by working from home. But they said they missed colleagues and the chance to collaborate face to face on key projects and to balance the convenience of home with the camaraderie of the office. RevLabs offers everyone the best of both worlds. Revolut is a fun, exciting place to work and we want RevLabs to preserve that energy. We’ll be completing the flexible working policy over the coming months, to be attractive to our current colleagues and the hundreds who will be joining us as we grow around the world”.

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