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Statue in honour of Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled

A bronze statue dedicated to Satoshi Nakamoto, the rumoured inventor of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been unveiled in Budapest, the Hungarian capital. 

The statue of Satoshi Nakamoto

The work was created by sculptors Reka Gergely and Tamas Gilly, and was placed in a large park in the city centre, near the banks of the Danube. 

Its unveiling last Thursday was attended by about a thousand people who were able to admire the originality of the work, which obviously does not reveal the face covered by a hood and featuring the Bitcoin symbol. 

Who is the inventor of Bitcoin?

No one has yet managed to find out who really hides behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto

The authors have therefore had to be very original in trying to make a human figure without giving any distinctive sign to maintain the mystery that still surrounds the figure of the inventor of Bitcoin.

Gilly told the Associated Press.

“It was a big challenge. It is very difficult to make a portrait sculpture of a person that we don’t know exactly what they look like. I hope that through the language of sculpture I have managed to convey the basic idea of Bitcoin, that it belongs to everyone and no one at the same time.”

The Bitcoin logo has been made reflective like a mirror in which you can see yourself. 

According to the authors, who collected around $10,000 in Bitcoin from the crypto community to create the work, this will be just the first in a long series of tributes to the person who invented BTC.

Satoshi Nakamoto identity is still unknown

The mythological figure of Satoshi Nakamoto 

Ever since November 2008, when the Bitcoin whitepaper was published by a mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, there has been speculation, research, announcements and investigations into who really hides behind this pseudonym. 

According to some theories, the creators of Bitcoin may even be a group of hackers. 

Early on, it was thought to be Michael Clear, a 23-year-old cryptography graduate student at Trinity College, but he has always denied having any connection to the inventor or inventors of Bitcoin. 

Some thought it was Finnish programmer Martii Malmi, who had created a user interface for the crypto system. 

Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur, has claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is no evidence of this so the mystery of his true identity continues to reign over the crypto world. 

Hungary one of the most crypto friendly countries in Europe 

Despite the fact that Hungary is always portrayed as an unliberal country when it comes to cryptocurrencies, the government seems to be very supportive of their development.

In March of this year, a very tax-friendly law was passed for cryptocurrency traders. According to this law, those who trade cryptocurrencies will pay a 15% tax instead of the 30.5% tax that is currently in place for such financial activities. 

In addition, there are no special rules or restrictions for cryptocurrency-related activities, including mining. 

It is also for this reason that the Hungarian crypto community is growing exponentially. 

Not surprisingly, some Chinese miners who fled after the government ban have moved to Hungary to continue their activities. 


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Vincenzo Cacioppoli
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