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NFTs: from Lamborghini to Ripple via Huobi and Carl Cox

Every day there are dozens of news stories about the world of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with new names entering the industry and record numbers being auctioned. This week we look at Lamborghini’s NFTs, new initiatives from Ripple and the Huobi exchange and new DJs who are launching their own NFT music.

NFTs at the Lamborghini Museum

As mentioned several times, on 25 September on the Elysium Bridge platform, several Non Fungible Tokens were put on sale in collaboration with the Museum Ferruccio Lamborghini, the creator of the famous luxury cars.

Many of the NFTs were sold, especially the photographs by Lamborghini’s official photographer, Paulo Renftle, who also sold for 15 ETH.

Huobi and Torum’s NFTs

The Torum SocialFi platform announced the launch of its metaverse integrating avatars created in the form of NFTs. The project was also funded by the exchange’s venture capital fund Huobi last August.

The game is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and already has 115,000 registered users.

Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Paul Val Dyk Spin and Crossfade: the NFTs of DJs

In addition to painting, sculpture and photography, music has also carved out its own space in the NFT sector, so yesterday the famous DJs Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Paul Val Dyk Spin and Crossfade announced their drops.

Mining is on Djenerates.com and NFTs have been on sale since yesterday, 28 September, in partnership with the Starship Universe network based on Cardano’s blockchain.

Ripple NFT
Ripple has set up a $250 million NFT project fund.

Ripple and the NFT fund with Mintable

After announcing that it had funded Mintable, now the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency, Ripple, has said that it has set up a $250 million NFT project fund. Partners in the project include creative agency VSA Partners, and marketplace mintNFT, as well as obviously Mintable itself.

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