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ART&more by gloTM: the first street artwork to become an NFT

Last July, Naples’ seafront was transformed into an open-air art trail! Thanks to gloTM, the Question Mark Communication agency and a group of local artists, the ART&more by gloTM project was born.

Nine street artists from Campania, together with twelve students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, painted over 3000 square metres of PVC.

NFT and street artists from Campania. The evolution of Neapolitan art

And if a street artwork is nothing new, the real peculiarity of the event is the generation of an NFT derived from the impressive work created on the Naples seafront and auctioned on the OpenSea platform. The proceeds of the operation will be entirely donated to charity by the cultural association NarteA.

The initiative to raise funds through an online auction was immediately shared by gloTM, patron of the work, and all the artists involved in line with the brand’s values as a patron of the arts.

Let’s discover the details of the project together!

The first cryptoart work derived from street art

The gigantic work that coloured Via Caracciolo was transformed by Question Mark and the collective of artists into the digital collection ART&more by gloTM Napoli 1-24 NFT. Twenty-four clips, extrapolated from a video of a total of six minutes, make up the entire lot, which is and will remain a blockchain testimony to the modification of one of the most evocative settings in the world, which has become even more unexpected for a few days. The Naples waterfront will thus remain immortalized forever in digital cryptography.

It is interesting to know that the one created by ART&more by gloTM is the first cryptoart in Italy to have been generated by a real work of street art. 

What is ART&more by gloTM

Started on July 12, 2021, ART&more by gloTM is a project supported by the brand gloTM, developed by the agency Question Mark, and realised by 9 artists from Campania assisted by 12 students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples.

The event launched an important message of unity, rebirth and beauty through colour, which was the main protagonist of one of the most evocative landscapes in the world.

Over the first four days, until Thursday 15 July, all the artists dedicated themselves to creating their works in the open air. Passers-by were able to enjoy the spectacle and many were enraptured by an immersive artistic event. On Friday 16 July, the artwork was completed with the reveal of gloTM, which sponsored its realization.

The presentation of the project was also attended by the mayor of the city of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, together with whom the citizens were able to walk on the art under the open sky: the following days were a real immersive experience, allowing people to enjoy the beauty of the Neapolitan landscape enriched also by art.

ART&more by gloTM
Street art in Naples

Who are the artists involved?

All the artists interpreted the concept of the unexpected linked to the city of Naples according to their own vision.

Jorit is a well-known and much-appreciated street artist with an unmistakable style, who combines deep pictorial realism with strong social messages. On this occasion, he painted “SARA”, a girl who dreams and represents hope, the future of the city.

Art director, designer and artist, Alessandro Cocchia has taught at the Federico II University of Architecture in Naples, the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and the Higher Institute of Design. He painted “SUPERNORMAL”, a work depicting unwitting heroes who become symbols for society.

Shaone is a difficult figure to delimit in precise and delineated boundaries. Indeed, throughout his career, he has been able to invent and reinvent himself in the different artistic worlds he has encountered along the way. He has represented the siren Parthenope who embarks on a journey to seek new spaces.

We continue with Zeus, who began painting fascinated by the graffiti surrounding the outskirts of his city, deciding to follow in the footsteps of the great graffiti artists of Campania. His work is called “CONGIUNZIONI“, in which the artist wanted to highlight the duality of opposing forces in each of us.

El Nigro, who has been in love with art since he was a child, has created a work that investigates the different perspectives of the individual.

Another artist involved is Iabo, a former graffiti writer who has gradually approached the world of art. He took part in ART&more with the work “BATMAN AND ROBIN”, in which he focused on the fight against prejudice, demonstrating that what matters and what should be fought is everything that divides.

Italian art director, designer, visual artist and video director, Enzo Cref brought to ART&more “IL LABIRINTO DI PARTHENOPE”, a geometric structure of the plan of the ancient city of Neapolis.

The last artists, Yele&Tres, depicted ‘ALWAYS YOU’, a work on the concept that whatever path one decides to take in life, it is always the individual who pulls the strings.

Charity auction

The proceeds from the NFT ART&more by gloTM collection, put up for auction by the artists on the OpenSea platform, will be donated in its entirety to the NarteA Cultural Association, which supports culture through a variety of initiatives: guided tours, musical itineraries and theatrical performances. This is a concrete support for those working in the world of entertainment who have been severely affected by the pandemic. The Art&More by gloTM collection is also available on Nemesis, thanks to a special gallery where, in addition to the cryptoart, you can also listen to an interview with Alessandro Cocchia by Amelia Tomasicchio.

Who will win the new NFT collection?

Watch the video interview with Alessandro Cocchia here to find out more:

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