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Non Fungible Tokens (NFT): news on BoredStone, Dolce & Gabbana and Topps Company

Lots of news every day from the world of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and art on the blockchain.

NFT news: Linkin Park entering the crypto world?

Yesterday, the BoringStone.com project was announced, a journal in the form of NFTs that collects the most important stories from the metaverse industry. It is a series of 10,000 collectables that resemble the covers of the famous music magazine Rolling Stone

At the time of writing this article, minting is underway on the project site and 6,798 copies have been sold for 0.04 ETH (about $140) though the gas turns out to cost 0.02 ETH, so another $70. By minting an NFT on the site, you randomly receive an NFT that might be more or less rare.

A second market is already present on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.03 ETH.

The project was from the NFT.FAMILY incubator owned by Tim Draper’s Draper Goren Holm. Mike Shinoda, lead singer of Linkin Park, was also present during the project’s launch event.

Topps Company launches second NFT baseball series

The famous Topps Company Inc. has announced that it has launched its second series of baseball-themed NFTs. The first series was launched in August on the Avalanche blockchain.

These NFTs – 8 cards in 25,000 packs – were sold yesterday in about 1.5 hours from launch.

NFT news
record sales reaching $5.65 million for the 9 NFTs in the series entitled “Genesi” from D&G

Dolce and Gabbana and NFT records

The collection of Non Fungible Tokens signed by the famous fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana has seen record sales reaching $5.65 million for the 9 NFTs in the series entitled “Genesi”

These NFTs were unveiled in Venice at the end of August and will be used in metaverse to show off Dolce and Gabbana’s clothes online.

In total, according to Nonfungible.com, sales of NFTs (whether fashion, art, gaming, sports or collectables) exceeded $10 billion in the third quarter of 2021, including nearly $2 billion in the last month alone.

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