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Flow Blockchain launches new NFT marketplace BloctoBay

Flow Blockchain has announced the launch of BloctoBay, its new NFT marketplace. The OpenSea-like platform is now available in its beta version

Flow Blockchain and the new NFT marketplace

Flow Blockchain shares news of its new NFT marketplace BloctoBay on Twitter:

“We hinted about the non-custodial ecosystem on Flow. BloctoBay is your OpenSea like experience, but that is just the beginning”.

Flow points out that just like OpenSea, which currently offers cross-blockchain support on Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn, BloctoBay’s new Non Fungible Token marketplace offers support for the Flow Blockchain with its Flow NFTs. 

BloctoBay is still in its beta version. Just a few hours ago, the application reportedly shared its ongoing “stress test” on Twitter. 

“Stress test happening now!! https://bay.blocto.app. List/delist/buy/sell/trade any of the supported NFTs on BloctoBay on web or in your Blocto App for 1000 FUSD reward!”

In essence, with a reward of 1000 FUSD, BloctoBay is inviting users to participate in the test, so as to check and fix any bugs in the system.  

BloctoBay and NFTs on Flow

BloctoBay is thus Flow’s new NFT marketplace where it is possible to buy, sell and discover all Non Fungible Tokens supported by the Flow network.

Flow Blockchain NFT marketplace
Flow launches its first NFT marketplace

Flow is a layer 1 blockchain designed as the basis for a new generation of games, apps and the digital assets that power them. At the moment, the Flow network already supports dozens of applications, including some of the most popular NFT collections such as CryptoKitties. 

Not only that, Flow NFTs from MotoGP Ignition, Vault by CNN, Versus, Dark Country, Ben Mauro’s Evolution & Warfare series and more are already available on BloctoBay. 

NFTs and the growth of Flow’s blockchain

In the middle of last month, Flow Blockchain was backed by none other than search engine giant Google, which established a partnership with Dapper Labs, the company behind Flow.

Basically, through Google Cloud, Google and Dapper Labs would join forces to help Flow’s Blockchain scale, increasing and supporting the growth and expansion of the network. 

The internet giant’s intervention on scaling came after Flow’s blockchain had recorded 500,000 to 1 million transactions per week this summer. 

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, FLOW’s price is at $19, with a total market capitalization of $1.2 billion. 


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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