Neosperience and Wizkey launch Nft-Commerce: the first platform to create and sell digital goods through nft (non-fungible token) technology
Neosperience and Wizkey launch Nft-Commerce: the first platform to create and sell digital goods through nft (non-fungible token) technology

Neosperience and Wizkey launch Nft-Commerce: the first platform to create and sell digital goods through nft (non-fungible token) technology

By Cryptonomist Editorial Staff - 13 Oct 2021

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Milan, 13 October 2021Neosperience, in collaboration with its subsidiary and partner WizKey, announces the birth of NFT-Commerce ( the first platform that allows brands to independently create, manage and sell their intangible assets without intermediaries through NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology.

NFT, a growing sector

Through NFT technology, combined with the services of digital commerce platforms, it is possible to certify the uniqueness of digital content and monetize it, starting a revolution in the way of living the experience of a brand, enhancing its know-how and intellectual property.

The value of this emerging market stood at 20.8 billion dollars in 2020 and is constantly growing, as shown by the recent auctions of the Genesi collection by Dolce & Gabbana for 5.65 million dollars or the record sale of the work Everydays: the First 5000 Days for 69 million dollars at Christie’s.

NFTs are based on a certification process that takes place through blockchain, the system that regulates and records immutable transactions and tracking; NFTs can be used to certify digital goods: from works of art to video games, from videos of the successes of sports champions, to luxury goods, to high fashion pieces.

NFTs represent an extraordinary opportunity to enhance the value of intangible assets. For example, the sale of an NFT associated with a model implies for the issuing company the possibility of re-evaluating its entire catalog of models while generating additional benefits in brand awareness and engagement of native digital generations.

WizKey is launching a special NFT platform with NeoEsperience

Nft-Commerce platform by Neosperience and Wizkey

The new NFT-Commerce platform, commercially managed by Neosperience, was born from the combination of digital commerce and blockchain skills of Neosperience and WizKey. The platform allows all companies that have content of value to the public and collectors – from the aforementioned models to photographs, from reproductions of works of art to avatars in the world of online gaming – to make available unique versions of their content, giving rise to new business models and revenue streams.

Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience says: 

“The search for uniqueness and beauty, always inherent in human nature, lead more and more people to want to distinguish themselves even in the digital world. Our technology marks a new frontier for brands – because it allows us to monetize intangible assets and create recurring revenues by enhancing brands and their products. The ability to independently manage and sell their digital assets without the need for intermediaries or marketplaces, democratizes this process, and allows each brand to be autonomous and close to its customers in a completely new way, with unique and exclusive content.”

Marco Pagani, CEO of WizKey, confirms: 

“Blockchain technology is spreading beyond expectation thanks to NFTs, and this represents an excellent opportunity for companies that leverage their brand and intellectual property. The use of blockchain and NFT is a unique opportunity for brands that want to create value by attracting new customers, enhancing their intangible assets in the digital metaverse. This reality is already attracting increasing shares of the population and significant investments.”

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