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Huobi Group at Oceans 4.4 retreat to “save the oceans”

Huobi Group attended the Oceans 4.4. retreat held in the British Virgin Islands to address issues that can save the oceans and combat climate change.

The crypto-exchange promised to make environmental impact commitments to improve society. 

Huobi Group and the Oceans 4.4 retreat.

According to reports, Huobi Group was hosted by famed entrepreneur, owner of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson at his home on Necker Island to participate in the 5-day Oceans 4.4 retreat from 9-14 October. 

Together with other founders, innovators and influential minds they discussed various solutions to save the oceans and combat climate change. Jeff Mei, Huobi Group’s Director of Global Strategy, commented:

“As we continue to grow our business presence around the world, we are taking an increasing interest in the communities we operate in. Furthering social impact initiatives will be one of Huobi’s key goals going forward, and we will look to work with like-minded stakeholders that share our values”.

Specifically sponsored by Huobi Group, cryptocurrency experts William Tong and Mike Prasad attended the event. 

Tong is already known for supporting many influential artists and celebrities such as Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris and Snoop Dogg in producing digital artwork in the NFT format. Prasad is the founder and CEO of Tinysponsor, a marketplace based on inventory and creators for sponsorships of influencers and content.

Huobi Ocean

Huobi Group and the Blockchain Summit 2021

The group behind the crypto-exchange attended the Oceans 4.4. retreat as a preview of what will take place next on November 8, namely the Huobi Summit 2021: Blockchain and Beyond event. 

This industry forum, which commemorates the company’s eighth anniversary, will focus mostly on cutting-edge blockchain and crypto projects. Speakers will include former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and other government and business leaders around the world. 

As such, the Seychelles-based blockchain startup is involved in various initiatives to promote the global development of blockchain for the benefit of society and the global economy.

The latest crypto-exchange news

Recently, Huobi with its subsidiaries scattered around the world has achieved important milestones, such as the case of Huobi Japan which has obtained approval to offer and manage cryptocurrency derivatives. 

The greenlight was given by Japan’s own Financial Service Agency (or FSA), which in its capacity as regulator stated that Huobi Japan is a Type I Financial Instrument Business. 

Not only that, Huobi also reportedly released its own report of the crypto world, analyzing the results and explaining that there was a 9.13% increase in the capitalization of cryptocurrencies. 

In essence, the numbers speak of a total value beyond the $2 trillion barrier. 

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