Cryptocurrencies are showing volatile, but satisfactory growth in Q4 of 2021
Cryptocurrencies are showing volatile, but satisfactory growth in Q4 of 2021

Cryptocurrencies are showing volatile, but satisfactory growth in Q4 of 2021

By Giorgi Mikhelidze - 7 Nov 2021

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The third and fourth quarters of the year are considered to be the most volatile and profitable times during the year for cryptocurrencies investors.

This was confirmed during the first monumental spike of Bitcoin in November 2017 as well as its third-largest spike in October 2021. The same can be said about other major or small cryptocurrencies.

Beyond Bitcoin: the smaller crypto

But in this article, it’s relevant to focus on smaller market cap crypto that are in some ways setting new records for the highest growth potential as well as tendency. 

The primary targets of this particular article are the declining DOGE, the booming SHIBA, and a relatively new project that has already smashed the door open with outstanding performance.

Let’s start with the new project to better highlight the growth potential of new tokens as well as the continuation of public interest in crypto.

Cryptocurrencies are showing volatile, but satisfactory growth in Q4 of 2021

Most volatile and growing cryptocurrencies

Stadium.Finance – Up 1177% Since Launch

The Stadium.Finance project was launched on November 1st, burning half of its supply and sending a modest sum to Changpeng Zhao and Vitalik Buterin.

According to this news release, 3 days after its launch, one of the two tokens native to the project SPEP is up 1177%, while the other, SAPE, is up 354% of its initial value.

Although we know that fresh projects are capable of such metrics, it’s still interesting to see a new project with pretty limited marketing achieve such numbers with nothing but a Telegram group of around 1000 people and an idea.

What contributed most to the price spike is likely the setting of the project, where SAPE and SPEP are burned every 8 hours depending on which outperformed the other. This keeps the price on steady growth while promoting community engagement, basically the black gold of the crypto world.

It will be interesting to see whether Stadium.Finance falters and falls like many before it, or if it pushes through and reaches market heights of the following token I’ll be talking about.

SHIBA – 1040% Growth In a Month

The infamous SHIBA coin jumped by more than 1040% in just under a month after it finally met the gaze of Elon Musk, everybody’s favorite meme lord. Starting the month of October at a modest $0.000007699 per coin, SHIBA managed to jump up to $0.00008 in just 26 days.

Although it’s starting to go on a downtrend at the moment, there is no denying that people have already made fortunes with the token, cashing out like crazy to finally satisfy their “when Lambo” question.

But for me, SHIBA is simply a statement of what a cryptocurrency can do as long as it has a brand, some marketing, and a group of zealous community members loyal to it as if it was their homeland.

SHIBA’s display of such qualities for a crypto project is very likely to spread across every new project, thus solidifying “yolo trading” as a legitimate strategy as long as the token is not fake.

But all jokes aside, most people that got into SHIBA early did so with funds they were OK with losing, and it’s recommended that you do the same. Investing all of your life savings into a random token just because its predecessor lucked out is definitely not a good idea.

DOGE – A Disappointing 26% Growth

Although DOGE did manage to grow a little bit, it is nothing compared to what Bitcoin did in October. In the past, we all expected every altcoin to follow Bitcoin in all metrics, but alas we have this kind of result.

Even SHIBA, an indirect clone of DOGE outperformed its arch-rival. This gives us a pretty clear message on how these sorts of projects continue. But, DOGE is still an exception, because it’s the first one to ever be made in this sense.

If it was the 5th or the 9th, it would already be scraping the floor of the charts most likely. But here we are, thousands of tweets from Elon as well as his direct support of the coin, and it’s nowhere to be found in the best-performing coins.

This gives us data that projects based on community engagement rely solely on that. Once the community dies down, so does the project, and so does the coin. It’s going to be very interesting seeing how DOGE’s fall from fame is going to continue.

Giorgi Mikhelidze

Giorgi is a Georgia software developer with two years of experience trading on the financial markets. He is now working to spread the knowledge about the Blockchain in his country and share all of his findings and research to as many crypto enthusiasts as possible.

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