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Paris Hilton’s taste for NFTs and digital innovation

The close relationship between heiress Paris Hilton and the world of NFT continues. 

Love at first sight for NFTs

No matter what anyone says about her, one thing is certain: Paris Hilton invented the selfie.

It doesn’t matter whether the American millionaire continues to embrace causes that seem pointless at first (even charitable ones), the thing that should be emphasized is her consistent being ahead of her time.

And even in relation to the virtual dimension of crypto art, Hilton has always been at the forefront, perhaps anticipating the artists themselves.

Her sudden love for NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), as she recounts it, came out of the blue when she started participating in calls in Clubhouse rooms. The difference with other ordinary human beings is that Hilton has the savvy, millionaire’s eye of an entrepreneur, and her one-plus-one approach has left no one with a chance.

According to Paris, NFTs and their magical world are the full expression of the democratization of art. A real possibility of change also in the world of fashion and luxury.

The metaverse that is now being talked about on a daily basis is seen by Hilton as the possibility of reaching fans and consumers directly and effectively. The first sale (of a long series) of her favourite digital painting was announced on the website of the star and influencer.

Her first NFT sold at auction as an open declaration of her support for emerging art. NFTs certainly represent the future of many art and fashion departments, and Hilton decided to fully immerse herself in what she considers to be an unmissable wager. Today’s collectors, as well as the authors, can interact more freely in the presentation of works. Hilton is aware that this new way of understanding artistic exchange can bring criticism and doubts into the traditional art world, but she is clever and if something breaks the mould, she is the first to be part of it.

She no longer sees the intermediation of a record company or an agent to stimulate sales and the market in relation to an artist. She identifies a single field of action within which creators and collector buyers move. The enthusiastic Hilton has been in the cryptocurrency world since 2015.

Artist: Lililian Liu

Paris Hilton’s business with NFTs

What appears as certain is the obsession of Paris with NFTs. And the $300 million NFT company she backs and supports continues its whirlwind rise. In fact, she has secured $20 million in funding from Bill Ackman (CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management).

This indicates that the blockchain market linked to virtual works of art is taking off everywhere. There are many American millionaires who are investing in NFTs. In addition to Hilton, Damien Hirst himself did not waste any time.

In one of her latest interviews, Hilton talked about her support for young female artists who also create using NFTs: 

“It’s been so exciting to see the digital art world evolve and become more prominent with the rise of the NFT marketplace. It’s truly an incredible time for artists and creators. It’s also an important time to ensure that female artists get to succeed with equal representation and opportunities. I am so happy to be involved with the Sevens Foundation, which helps emerging artists get into the NFT space. The Empowered By Paris: Empowered Women Empower Women Exhibition is a collection of NFT art that explores the themes of female empowerment and representation. There is beauty and strength in the female perspective, and that should be celebrated! I am so inspired by these talented female artists! Take a look at some of my favorites from the exhibition”.

The works on display can be viewed on Hilton’s website. Not only does this bring prestige to her business acumen, but perhaps also to her no longer superficial inclination towards art.

Perhaps Paris Hilton has finally grown up.