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NFT Marvel: comic book artist involved in God Temple game

Legendary Marvel comic book artist Pat Lee is entering the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, creating limited edition NFTs for the God Temple game

At the same time, the project announced the start of official play-to-earn Packs sales later this month and the recruitment of the Whitelist. 

Pat Lee’s NFT Marvel and God Temple play-to-earn

God Temple is an NFT game that features limited edition artwork based on mythical god characters, collaborating with iconic artists from around the world.

The lead artist and protagonist for this limited edition God NFT is Pat Lee, who over the past 10 years has worked for DC and Marvel comics on mega franchises such as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, X-MEN, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Punisher and Spider-Man.

God Temple combines battle-craze gameplay elements with an exponential growth formula, and God Packs are the tickets to the game. 

In the play-to-earn (or battle-to-earn, fight and win) formula, God Temple players have the native token of the MYTH platform and the token of the SOUL game at their disposal and will be able to play against other users or computer-controlled players through a global matching system.

The winner of the duel will receive SOUL and the opponents’ “NFT Marvel” deity as a reward, which will be tradable on secondary markets.

NFT God temple
God temple

NFT Marvel and the announcement of the public sale of God Packs

The “NFT Marvel” token sale will begin on 30 November with the automatic creation of a Whitelist for those with at least 20,000 MYTH tokens. 

Whitelist members will have priority in purchasing the super rare Mythical Packs (only 100 Packs available), exactly 5 days before the public sale opens. 

Players will also be able to collect all 13 deity characters from 3 rarity classes with their MYTH tokens.  Within each pack, there will be at least 3 NFTs of Greek gods, allowing players to start the game with their mythical characters including Zeus, Athena, Poseidon and Hades. 

In-game transactions will also be built off-chain to avoid costly in-game gas taxes. While God Temple’s Marvel NFTs are also supported by various NFT platforms, providing the convenience for owners to pass on their battle-earned mythical deities. 

Axie Infinity features a play-to-earn model

God Temple sees Axie Infinity as a model for play-to-earn, especially given the +164,800% growth its AXS token has achieved since its ICO to date. 

The digital game, which already has over 7000 monthly active users onchain, has become the NFT game on Ethereum with the most monthly and weekly active users. The ERC 20 token from AXS is used by the platform for governance, staking and payments. 

Axie Infinity’s model fully responds to play-to-earn on blockchain. Recently, a study was published by Stratis that would consolidate the idea that more and more gaming platforms in the US and UK are choosing blockchain technology.

This is a true combination of gaming, blockchain and NFTs that creates play-to-earn, the mechanism by which NFTs or other tokens make the game profitable


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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