World’s First Food Metaverse, OneRare Partners With Celebrity Chefs to celebrate their Culinary Journey
World’s First Food Metaverse, OneRare Partners With Celebrity Chefs to celebrate their Culinary Journey

World’s First Food Metaverse, OneRare Partners With Celebrity Chefs to celebrate their Culinary Journey

By Thuy Dung - 25 Nov 2021

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The Metaverse is one of the biggest buzzwords in the crypto space and OneRare is solidifying its stance on this very interesting aspect of blockchain technology.

Onerare Metaverse

The OneRare project was designed to bring to life the world’s first metaverse that will combine Food, gaming, and NFTs into one ecosystem. Since its launch, the project has grown immensely popular as foodies and game lovers from different culturess are joining the community to experience food in a completely new dimension.

OneRare has decided to take its Foodverse project to the forefront of the food and beverage industry as it partners with culinary experts to promote food as a universal common ground and facilitate the widespread adoption of NFTs and online gaming in an immersive virtual world. The team recently announced its new move to bring top chefs on the platform & honor their culinary accomplishments.

Celebrating an exciting culinary journey in the Foodverse

Celebrity Chefs, Arnold Poernomo, Saransh Goila, Jaimie Van Heije, have collaborated with OneRare to celebrate their culinary journey as NFTs in this unique metaverse for food.

“I’m very in love with the idea of OneRare like there is a connection in my restaurant with the food and the client. There is also a connection between crypto, the food and beverage sector. I truly love the idea and I can’t wait to play!”, says Jaimie.

Jaimie Van Heije
Jaimie Van Heije is a top Dutch Chef joining the Foodverse


These top chefs believe in the power of food to bring people together. An experience combined with the OneRare project and the metaverse will undoubtedly be exceptional.

“The blockchain industry is growing at a rapid pace and this is an interesting moment for traditional industries to explore the potential of Web3. OneRare celebrates global cuisines, and it’s a natural fit to celebrate the best culinary artists from around the world. We are very excited to be joined by Arnold Poernomo, Saransh Goila & Jaimie Van Heije as we celebrate their iconic dishes and introduce them to Web3 audiences”, said Supreet Raju, CEO of OneRare.


Food has no boundaries and with the OneRare foodverse, there are no limits to the possibilities of food as a universal language. This novel aspect of food in the metaverse by OneRare will be explored by these chefs alongside foodies from every state. It goes beyond gaming and makes it possible for people to create and contribute their favourite recipes in the foodverse, own dish NFTs, earn, and have fun. It is a fascinating adventure that will lead this space over the next few years and it is worth looking out for in the long term.

Imagining A Foodified Blockchain For Mainstream Adoption

OneRare has visualized an era that will usher in a foodified blockchain ecosystem. Over the last decade, the food industry has grown into one of the largest content drivers the world is witnessing now. Specialized food channels and influencers have spurred an energized community of extremely loyal fans that are glued to food content. In light of this, OneRare is leveraging the love of food to transcend all barriers – age, gender, and geography and foodify the blockchain.

OneRare is currently prepping up for its public launch on Enjinstarter and TrustPad this week ahead of their game launch. Investors such as Arkstream Capital, Momentum 6, Enjinstarter, StableNode, Everse Capital, Exnetwork Capital, Kangaroo Capital, Tag Ventures, Maven Capital, Tokenova, 1010 Capital, CSP DAO, Skyman Ventures, FF Ventures, and Lucid Blue Ventures, believe in this vision to foodify the blockchain. They led a private fundraising round for OneRare, securing a total of $2M for the project.

There’s a growing community excited about this project. Without a doubt, OneRare is poised to be a ground-breaking Foodverse in the blockchain ecosystem.


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