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NFT Bunny partners with Prodea Group to create unforgettable entertainment experiences


NFT Bunny has signed a partnership with Prodea Group, one of the world leaders in the creation and organisation of events with a portfolio that has seen it collaborate with the biggest brands in various sectors, from automotive to luxury, as well as sports, telecommunications, music and theatre.

Prodea Group operating arm of NFT Bunny

Prodea Group is a Media & Entertainment Company with offices in Italy, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, and through the companies of the Group operates in a variety of complementary communication dynamics:

Showlab is Prodea Group’s content company, specialized in the creation of content for major Broadcasters and video content production, with high creative and authorial competence.

D-Wok is an Entertainment & Video Design Strategy company, constantly searching for technological innovation at the service of storytelling. Among its many successful case histories, it is worth mentioning the one for La Scala Theatre in Milan, for which it has been creating immersive sets for 4 years, as well as the new Virtual Reality Set recently created.

Prodea Group, with its subsidiaries, will therefore become the operational arm in the relationship between NFT Bunny and the companies, artists and creators that will use the platform to create their events, being able to provide them with support in relation to the multiple representation requirements for their presence on the platform, acting vertically on the specific needs of companies and creators through specific skills expressed by the individual Group companies.

After establishing the partnership a few days ago with OVR, NFT Bunny adds another building block in the development of a new way of experiencing NFTs that is increasingly immersive and engaging for artists and fans. Paolo Pacitto, co-founder and COO of NFT Bunny states:

“The partnership with Prodea Group is an important step forward for NFT Bunny in the creation of a disruptive platform that allows for a completely different and engaging way of experiencing the NFT industry. We are looking forward to giving artists and crypto art enthusiasts the opportunity to create and experience real entertainment on NFT Bunny”.

“We are really excited about what we are achieving and how the community is responding. We already have over 1,000 registered users on NFT Bunny with days to go until the official launch. We continue to work to give the community the chance to experience NFTs in a completely different and ever-changing way.”

NFT Bunny ready for launch

The official launch of the platform in beta is set for 30 November, but it will be available to the public from December 15th.

The token will be functional for the use of the platform and its governance based on the EthereansOS protocol, an evolution of the DFO.

The presale of BUN will start on 5 December and will end on 22 December.

All details will be announced shortly on the official channels of NFT Bunny.

About NFT Bunny

NFT Bunny is a platform that allows content creators to create and sell exclusive, limited edition digital content, which until now could not be properly exploited and monetized.

Official website: www.nftbunny.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTBunnyReal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nftbunnyofficial/

Telegram: https://t.me/nftbunnyofficial

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HEZdmJ9H98

Medium: https://medium.com/@nftbunny

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