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Devs leaving Bitcoin Core: Samuel Dobson also quits

Another developer has left Bitcoin Core. It is Samuel Dobson, who announced his departure via Twitter. 

Samuel Dobson, the dev leaving Bitcoin 

The reasons for Samuel Dobson’s departure are to be found in the commitments related to his doctorate.

In fact, he writes on Twitter:

“I am officially stepping down as a maintainer of Bitcoin Core. Serving as the wallet maintainer for the past three years has been an absolute privilege, and I want to thank my incredibly generous sponsor John Pfeffer (@jlppfeffer) for his support throughout.

I’m sad to leave the role, but can no longer dedicate the time required, as I approach the end of my PhD. It is only because of John and my GitHub sponsors’ support that I was able to prioritise working on Bitcoin part-time these last few years. But now is the right time to go”.

The tweets go on to thank not only John Pfeffer for his support, but for what he has done to fund Bitcoin’s development. Words of appreciation are also reserved for the other devs who shared the Bitcoin Core experience with him. 

To conclude, Dobson makes an appeal:

“While here, I will make another appeal to any person or company that benefits from Bitcoin development somehow – please consider supporting a developer financially! Open source projects are difficult to survive off, and it is an amazing way to help out even if you can’t code”.

For Samuel Dobson, Bitcoin can still grow

Where can Bitcoin go

Samuel Dobson continues to believe in Bitcoin, although from what he says, he now lacks the time to devote to BTC. But he remains convinced of the project, so much so that he writes in his latest tweet:

“I have learnt so much these last few years, and hope this will not be the end of my Bitcoin dev journey. There is an unbelievable amount of talent being put into developing Bitcoin and Lightning, and I look forward to seeing where it goes”.

Departures from Bitcoin Core

Samuel Dobson’s is the second farewell to Bitcoin Core in a short period of time. Last October Jonas Schnelli had left, for all other reasons. Among the reasons for his departure was the increasing number of legal risks that developers face. 

This also explains why Satoshi Nakamoto chose to remain anonymous

Nevertheless, the Bitcoin project is moving forward. Suffice it to say that there are currently 848 contributors on Github, twenty more than two months ago when Schnelli left. 

This suggests that Bitcoin’s development is set to grow and progress further

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