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Trump: cryptocurrency dangerous even as his wife launches NFTs

For Donald Trump, cryptocurrencies are dangerous. These statements come even after the news that his wife Melania is launching NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Melania Trump NFT platform

In fact, the former first lady is launching the Melania Trump NFT platformto help our Nation’s children fulfill their own unique American Dream.” 

Her husband, on the other hand, has once again criticized cryptocurrencies. 

Although NFTs are not cryptocurrencies per se, they are still tokens traded on blockchains and can typically be purchased by paying in cryptocurrencies themselves. 

Donald Trump challenges cryptocurrencies once again

Donald Trump: cryptos are very dangerous

However, Donald Trump renewed his criticism of cryptocurrencies during an interview with Fox Business.

This time he defined them as “very dangerous,” apparently criticizing his wife’s initiative in this way. 

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo also asked him for his opinion on Melania’s initiative, to which the former President responded by saying that it would go great

But Trump’s confusion on the matter actually goes even further. 

To another question regarding his doubts about cryptocurrencies, Donald Trump responded by saying he doesn’t appreciate them because he prefers the dollar. 

He then added: 

“I was never a big fan, but it’s building up bigger and bigger and nobody’s doing anything about it. I want our currency called the dollar.”

Trump probably ignores the fact that, at present, cryptocurrencies are not competing with the dollar at all. Also, taking the world’s most important cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as an example, its deflationary nature does not make it at all competitive against the dollar, which has an inflationary nature instead, but it is possible that Trump is unaware of this difference. 

The former President also said that he fears an unprecedented explosion in cryptocurrencies, believing it to be a very dangerous thing.

It is hard to imagine that the NFTs created and sold by Melania could resist better than Bitcoin in case of an explosion. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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