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OVR: a romantic marriage proposal in the metaverse

OVR, the blockchain metaverse, has been chosen by a member of its community as the place to propose marriage. The company suggested that the wedding should also take place in the metaverse. 

OVR and the marriage proposal in the metaverse

OVR community member Atticus tweeted on the social network of crypto-lovers about his experience in the OVRLand NFT metaverse, where he proposed to his fiancée. 

The OVR company, retweeted congratulating the future couple, seeing that the fiancée seems to have accepted, and proposed to organize the wedding in the metaverse

“I’ve proposed to my girlfriend using Metaverse (Spoiler; she said yes). The first metaverse proposal on the blockchain! Congratulations to our OVRCommunity member, Atticus and his fiancé! Let’s plan the wedding on OVRLive!”

OVR marriage
The first metaverse proposal on the blockchain has been made on OVR

How Atticus built his experience

In a series of descriptive tweets from Atticus, the cryptocurrency and technology-loving husband-to-be, it is possible to see how the choice of the OVR metaverse was for him a unique, out-of-this-world place to propose to his fiancée

Atticus recounts a favourite spot of the couple where they occasionally go in the car or to the beach to relax, listen to the waves and seclude themselves. With this place in mind, Hungarian Atticus bought that land in OVR, creating a 3D model of his handwritten note that reads “Will you marry me?”.

The experience was built on OVR Builder and published by Atticus on the purchased OVRLand land. Here is how Atticus then describes the moment: 

“I’ve waited till the next time we went there and asked her to take a photo of me on the beach. She had no idea what is about to go down 🙂 I’ve started a screen recording, opened the OVR app, loaded the experience and then handed over my phone to her to ‘take a photo’. And there I was, standing (and on one knee a few seconds later), with my handwritten 3D note in the background. She said yes 🙂 …”

The new updated Tokenomics: the Token Burning Program

Meanwhile, OVR has opted to revamp its Tokenomics by introducing the Token Burning Program, with the aim of making its own OVR tokens rarer and more valuable. 

The results of the first month of the active program (i.e. November 2021) saw exactly 40% of the OVR collected from sales burned, representing 246,146 OVR, while 10%, or 615,365 OVR, were dedicated to mining among new buyers of OVRLands on Chainlink

This Token Burning Program idea came after the OVR team burned nearly 1 million of their tokens last May. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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