Tesla safer: FSD system tests without accidents
Tesla safer: FSD system tests without accidents
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Tesla safer: FSD system tests without accidents

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 17 Jan 2022

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The beta phase of Tesla’s full self-driving (FSD) system is proceeding smoothly and the tests have so far produced no accidents

Tesla, no accidents in FSD tests

Elon Musk confirmed this via Twitter in response to Ross Gerber, who pointed out in one of his tweets that since the beta version of FSD was launched, there have been no accidents or injuries. In the same period, in contrast, 20,000 people have died in road accidents. 

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, was asked to confirm this and replied “correct”, indicating that the tests were going well. 

Ross Gerber is not only a Tesla fan but also CEO and founder of Gerber Kawasaki, a financial investment consultancy. 

Tesla FSD
the exchange of tweets between Ross Gerber and Elon Musk


The point of this tweet is that Tesla’s controversial guidance system can save lives. If used correctly. 

What is the FSD system and why is it important to Tesla?

The biggest criticism of Tesla is the alleged dangers of its autopilot system, which in some cases has been at the centre of accidents, including fatalities. 

However, in many cases, it is not the autopilot that has gone haywire, but the driver who was distracted and did not see the dangers that the car, on its own, was unable to avoid. 

It is worth bearing in mind that the autopilot is a driver assistance system based on cameras, sensors and connected to the on-board computer, which is present in every Tesla. However, Tesla itself urges those who decide to engage autopilot to remain alert and with their hands on the wheel. Which in other words means you can’t watch movies or read, or get in the back seat while the autopilot is active. To put it another way, autopilot is not meant to make the Tesla drive itself, but only to reduce human intervention, not eliminate it. 

The release of the beta version of FSD is intended to increase driver comfort while ensuring a high standard of safety. 

The FSD release has already undergone several ongoing updates to improve and fix bugs. Version 11 is expected to arrive by February. Selected drivers are taking part in the tests and are experimenting with driving where the effort required of them to maintain control of the vehicle is minimal. 

When will the FSD guidance system be released?

At the moment, the beta version of Tesla’s FSD is only available in the United States, where Tesla customers pay a kind of subscription (also quite expensive) to be able to use this function. 

In a few weeks, it will be extended to Canada as well, as Elon Musk announced today via Twitter.

It’s a sign that Tesla is betting big on this driving system and the markets believe in it too.

The value of Tesla shares

It’s no coincidence that Tesla’s shares are trading at +1.75% on the Nasdaq stock exchange. 

Tesla’s shares have had a volatile but positive week overall, with a gain of 5%. Tesla shares are currently trading at $1,049, a 12% drop since the beginning of the year, but a 62% gain over the past six months. 

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