Coinbase: former SEC employee joins team and COIN collapses
Coinbase: former SEC employee joins team and COIN collapses

Coinbase: former SEC employee joins team and COIN collapses

By Stefania Stimolo - 25 Jan 2022

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Coinbase appoints as its new Senior Public Policy Manager, former US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) employee Thaya Knight. 

At the same time, the value of COIN, the cryptocurrency exchange’s shares, is plummeting, following the general bearish trend of cryptocurrencies. 

Coinbase and the appointment of former SEC employee as head of public policy

The continued presence of the SEC in cryptocurrency affairs seems not to stop only at investigations and accusations. On the contrary, looking at Coinbase, the popular publicly-traded cryptocurrency exchange, the latest resource added to its team comes right from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Thaya Knight, a former employee of the SEC, published in her LinkedIn post her new job position: Senior Public Policy Manager at Coinbase. 

“Friday was my last day at the SEC. While that departure was bittersweet, I’m very pleased to be joining the public policy team at Coinbase this week. Looking forward to doing great and exciting work with this terrific team!”

Interesting move by Coinbase, which just in early September seemed to have been sued by the SEC itself for its plans to launch a financial product that allows users to earn interest by lending digital currencies. 

That’s the “Lend” product which, due to the legal threat from the SEC, was not then launched in the US market. 

COIN stock
Collapse for COIN on the stock exchange

Coinbase: COIN collapses following cryptocurrency trend  

In the last month, with the cryptocurrency red, the shares of the NASDAQ-listed cryptocurrency exchange, COIN, also saw their collapse. 

Compared to Christmas Day 2021 (exactly one month ago), at the time of writing, the price of Coinbase (COIN) has fallen by -31.68%, from $280 to $191. 

Although the company is preparing to launch Coinbase NFT, its primary market remains to be a cryptocurrency exchange, and therefore its “fortunes” are tied in a way to those of the broader cryptocurrency scene. 

Specifically, last Friday, COIN’s price seems to have collapsed from $221 to $191, and on that very day, Coinbase left a not-so-happy comment of its own! 

“What a week 😶 Drop an emoji to show us how you’re feeling.”

Bitcoin: price drops but rises as a trending topic on Twitter

And if the price is not rising, at least the queen of cryptocurrencies is a trending topic on the crypto-lovers social network Twitter. 

In this month, while the price of BTC has gone from $50,000 last Christmas 2021 to $36,230, at the time of writing, its #Bitcoin hashtag on Twitter instead seems to have had a 90% increase in interest in one week. 

Following that, the hashtag #Ethereum also seems to be performing well in this respect. Nothing to do with the price, which has gone from $4,052 at Christmas to $2,400 today.  


Stefania Stimolo

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