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Marco Montemagno launches Monty Lab: the Italian project of Utility NFT


Monty Lab is born, the first Italian project of Utility NFT that goes beyond the boundaries of art: 10,000 NFT “Crazy Fury” based on an artistic concept by Giovanni Motta, which, in addition to being unique collectible pieces, will allow accessing exclusive events and services for the community of Marco Montemagno – founder of startups such as Blogosfere, 4books, and Competenze with a social presence of millions of followers.

It will be possible to buy the NFTs starting from h 22 of 02.02.2022, and, once purchased, the owners of the NFTs will also have the opportunity to subscribe to the Monty Lab.


  • What is Monty Lab, NFTs for the community by Marco Montemagno
  • What Crazy Fury NFTs give access to
  • How to buy Crazy Fury NFTs

What is Monty Lab, the NFTs for the community by Marco Montemagno

Monty Lab was born to embrace and experience the benefits of the cryptocurrency and NFT universe, creating a direct and mutually beneficial relationship for Montemagno’s community of over 3 million followers.

Crazy Fury NFTs are an investment tool on projects that can increase their value over time and a digital identity certificate for those who share the same values and interests. A gateway to content, initiatives, events. With the advantage of being able to be resold on the market, not only as crypto-art but also as a pass for a range of activities.   

The purpose of the collection is not to sell out in record time but to start a pioneering project with a long-term vision: to convert the entire business ecosystem created by an entrepreneur or a company (events, content, editorial projects) to the blockchain paradigms and to spread the cryptocurrency tools and culture, to date the prerogative of a niche of experts and enthusiasts.

Monty Lab has been realized in partnership with The Nemesis, a reference platform for the metaverse market, to explore this dimension with different activities of the Monty ecosystem.

What Crazy Fury NFTs give access to

NFT Crazy Fury holders don’t just acquire unique digital art creation ownership. If they decide to subscribe to MontyLab, the investment, in fact, will give them for the next three years several bonuses as well:

  •       Exclusive access to the Telegram Monty Lab group, led by Montemagno, to discuss directly with other community members on NFT evolutions, applications, and strategies for companies and entrepreneurs;
  •       A big annual two-day event;
  •       Monthly group videocalls with Monty and the Crazy Fury community to interact live and without barriers;
  •       50% discount on subscriptions to Competenze and 4books;
  •       30% discount for creating a Metaverse Custom on The Nemesis;
  •       priority access to the new “limited edition” experiential NFT collections available from March, which will include a series of experiences with Montemagno;
  •       Exclusive access to Montemagno’s new book “365 Lessons I’ve Learned from 365 Extraordinary People,” distributed only via NFT, from June 2023;
  •       Additional activities and bonuses communicated periodically and exclusively accessible to NFT owners.

Marco Montemagno NFT

How to buy Crazy Fury NFTs

NFTs will be on sale from h 22 of 02.02.2022 (registrations are active on marcomontemagno.com).

“The cryptocurrency and NFT world still suffers from prejudices, and all the problems of a technology in its infancy and its paradigms remain incomprehensible for most of the non-experts: there is a lot of talk about it, but few “do.” That’s why we chose to field test a Utility NFT project as a business strategy, to enhance the relationship with our community and be a trailblazer for all professionals and companies that want to deal with this world without necessarily having an artistic streak,” explained Marco Montemagno. “The phenomenon is exploding rapidly: every company should have an NFT strategy for the next few years, or risk being swept away by a wave even more disruptive than what the internet was 20 years ago.”