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Bitcoin: Meta (formerly Facebook) registers a trademark in Brazil

Meta, formerly Facebook, has reportedly filed a trademark registration in Brazil that specifically mentions Bitcoin. 

Meta bets on Bitcoin in Brazil

Sources are scarce and unfortunately not yet official, but two screenshots published on newstextarea.com are circulating and would seem to be explicit. 

The registration also mentions a crypto wallet and an environment for buying and selling digital currencies (probably an exchange). 

According to News Text Area reports, the application would be filed in December 2021, and would cite the design, development and implementation of software for third-party verification services for digital currency transactions, including Bitcoin.

It would also cite the creation of an online virtual environment for the sale and purchase of cyber services, namely digital currencies, virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies, digital and blockchain assets, digital securities, crypto securities and utility tokens. 

Meta has abandoned Diem

It is worth noting that a few days ago it was revealed that the company is abandoning the Diem project, i.e. the creation of its own stablecoin based on DLT, in collaboration with other major companies gathered in the form of an association. If it is true that it is proceeding independently with its own crypto project, the idea of abandoning Diem would be more than logical. 

Moreover, since the company intends to create its own metaverse, it is more than logical to imagine that within it there will be crypto services as well. 

It is also worth mentioning that almost two years ago, Facebook launched its trials of payments via WhatsApp in Brazil, and rumors are circulating that it is now even experimenting with stablecoin payments on its famous instant messaging platform. 

It’s likely that in the coming weeks or months, we’ll know more.¬†

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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