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John Legend launches the OurSong NFT marketplace

John Legend is launching his own NFT marketplace called OurSong, to allow artists to monetize their work. Today’s other news in the industry includes The Walking Dead’s NFTs, which, in addition to being on The Sandbox, are also being launched by AMC in partnership with Orange Comet.

John Legend and the new NFT marketplace for musicians OurSong

After winning the Grammy Award 12 times, the American singer-songwriter John Legend seems to want to join the Non-Fungible Token industry, launching OurSong, the new NFT marketplace platform dedicated to musicians and entertainers. 

“Save room for us…#NFTforthepeople @johnlegend, @oursong. John Legend to Start NFT Platform for Musicians, Entertainers”.

Legend is reportedly working together with Chris Lin of Taipei KKBOX, Kevin Lin, the co-founder of Twitch, and Matt Cheng of early-stage venture firm Cherubic Ventures. 

Specifically, OurSong allows artists to tokenize and sell their work, rewarding buyers with privileges such as access to unreleased music and private chatrooms.

To access the platform, however, it seems it’s not essential to have a crypto wallet. In this regard, Legend commented:

“I’ve always been so focused on music and I still think of music as, far and away, my first love and my first job and the thing I spent most of my mental energy thinking about. When I think about what I want to do, I try to get involved with projects that I think will make the world more connected”.

AMC launches The Walking Dead NFTs

Although The Walking Dead franchise had previously launched NFTs for The Sandbox, the famous crypto metaverse project, it now looks like AMC’s television network will also produce collectibles based on the zombie apocalypse series as it continues its final season.

“Own a piece of TWDs legacy. Be part of TWD future. Announcing the drop of the first set of The Walking Dead NFT Collection. In partnership with Orange Comet”.

AMC has partnered with NFT startup Orange Comet – which features singer Gloria Estefan and retired NFL star Kurt Warner as co-founders – to produce digital collectibles based on the entire run of the long-running television series, which is currently in the midst of its 11th and final season.

The Walking Dead NFT collection will span multiple drops beginning 20 February. Orange Comet will also be selling a limited “Walker Access Pass” that will give holders exclusive access to future NFT drops later in 2022. The pass will only be available in a 24-hour span, and the company will not release any other passes for a full year.

Eluvio’s Blockchain was the technology chosen to mint AMC’s NFTs, and it is a protocol compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. 

News from the Metaverse and Non-Fungible Token sector 

Today’s NFT news complements those already announced yesterday that also involved the metaverse. 

Specifically, Letsmint is a new crowdfunding platform for NFTs, while the famous French retailer Carrefour has marked its entry into The Sandbox metaverse and again, the historic name of ATARI has created its NFTs to honor the anniversary of its 50 years since its founding. 

Not only that, Pinterest also launched a new feature dedicated to Augmented Reality (AR) furniture, while Zuckerberg’s Meta is now ready for new 3D avatars on Instagram for users in the US, Mexico and Canada. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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