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The first restaurant in Italy to use NFT

Abruzzo-based sushi bar Oishi Japanese Kitchen is the first restaurant in Italy to use NFTs in the food service industry. 

NFTs in a restaurant in Italy

It is actually a mini-chain with two restaurants in Abruzzo, one in Teramo and the other in Pescara, expressions of Japanese fusion cuisine in Italy. Founded in 2015 by a group of young enthusiasts, and respectful of traditions, in a short time it has obtained important recognitions, such as 3 sticks from Gambero Rosso and placement in the Michelin Guide.

Oishi will give the opportunity to acquire a utility NFT, a virtual token that represents the deed and the certificate of authenticity, registered on blockchain, of a work of art created in collaboration with the digital artist Pierpaolo Barnabei from Abruzzo, aka FRUTTI

The purchase will offer the opportunity to access a series of exclusive activities, such as a dedicated tasting menu called ”OMAKASE” (in Japanese ”fidarsi”), which is a path of flavours where oriental and western cuisine merge to achieve a special combination.

Moreover, the owners of the utility NFTs will also have access to off-menu dishes, reserved discounts, the possibility to pay in cryptocurrencies, and access to an exclusive community to stay in direct contact with the staff and the property, as if it were a real VIP pass. 

Oishi Japanese Kitchen
Oishi Japanese Kitchen

How to buy an NFT from Oishi Japanese Kitchen

In order to purchase one of these NFTs it is necessary to log into OpenSea and go to the official OishiNFT page. You also need to link your wallet, in which you need to keep enough ETH to pay for the purchase. 

Once purchased, the NFTs are transferred to the user’s personal wallet, who will then need to register at www.oishijapanesekitchen.it/nft to obtain their ID-NFT-OISHI-PASS.

First restaurant to adopt NFTs

CEO of Oishi Japanese Kitchen, Luca Di Marcantonio, said: 

”We are really proud to be the first restaurant in Italy to adopt this technology that is spreading all over the world. Utility NFTs are digital tokens that are designed to bring users closer to an artistic, musical or, as in our case, gastronomic project, with exclusive services intrinsically linked to the NFTs. What are their advantages? Those who use them will have privileged access to a series of major new benefits. In a nutshell, you become part of a real club.

The project was born from the collaboration with Blu Muu Lab, one of the first NFT Utily Agencies in our country, and is based on the idea of creating a strong liaison between groups like ours and a clientele that wants to establish a strong and exclusive contact with the proposing reality”.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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