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Vanity Fair: cover and avatar in the metaverse

Vanity Fair Italia debuts in the Metaverse. Between yesterday and today, the Italian newspaper launched its first cover starring Virginia Raffaele and its first avatar, Vanity Player One, in its new digital version

Vanity Fair and the metaverse: the first cover with Virginia Raffaele 

Vanity Fair Italia launches today the first cover of the Italian magazine set in the metaverse starring the artist and performer Virginia Raffaele. 

Essentially, the photograph of Virginia Raffaele taken by Nima Benati for the new cover in the metaverse puts her at the centre of a symbolic multiform ring. It is a reworking in crypto art signed by the Swiss collective ValuArt, Vanity Fair’s partner. 

The gateway to the metaverse is provided by the QR code printed alongside the image which, when scanned with a smartphone, shows the transformation and animation of the cover. 

Vanity Fair metaverse
The cover of Vanity Fair with Virginia Raffaele

Vanity Player One, the magazine’s first avatar

In a post published yesterday in the Italian newspaper, another new entry in the metaverse was also revealed: Vanity Fair’s first avatar, called Vanity Player One. 

Vanity Player One will be the character that readers will interact with, a sort of alter ego, in order to discover the stories and contents presented in the future by the magazine. 

Just like in the case of the Milan Fashion Week, Vanity Player One has already become the protagonist of an unprecedented fashion shoot. 

In fact, Vanity Player One wore clothes and accessories photographed and reworked in 3D to be transposed into the metaverse. Like the avatar featuring the looks of Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Sportmax and many others. 

From NFT covers to the metaverse

Vanity Fair Italia continues to keep up with the trends. The two products dedicated to the metaverse were a consequence of the creation of an NFT cover launched in September 2021. 

This was the cover featuring singer Elodie, which was tokenized as a Non-Fungible Token and sold for $25,000. The sum was then entirely donated to the non-profit organization Pangea. 

Regarding her debut in the metaverse, the Italian magazine also specified the following:

“the metaverse will be a place of unlimited creativity. To experience it, you will need an avatar and an NFT”.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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