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NFT work by Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio auctioned for $60,000

De Mætaverse, the NFT work by the two Italian artists Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio, was bought for $60,000 on the crypto art auction site SuperRare.com.

It was sold by collector Anesti Dhima, a well-known digital art connoisseur who owns several hundred NFT works by artists from around the world.

“Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) represent the artistic medium of a new digital renaissance. I am deeply inspired by the energy of the NFT movement, led by creative masters such as Emanuele Dascanio and Matteo Mauro. – Commented the collector – De Mætaverse is an intricate masterpiece that has the power to transport the viewer through the evolutionary journey of art and human creativity”.

De Mætaverse is a black and white work, where nuances make all the difference. The lines are lost in a tromp l’oeil effect, reminding us of the importance of point of view, in art as in real life. There is chaos and order at the same time, elements of a bygone era and references to the present day. In the foreground we see a young girl with a very intense gaze, who seems to want to tell the viewer the secret hidden in the painting.

Its authors, Matteo Mauro and Emanuele Dascanio, are two Italian artists who use contrasting painting techniques and have decided to merge their arts in this extraordinary work. What they have in common is their sense of being citizens of the world and their search for a personal expressive language based on a reinterpretation of classical art. A language that can tell the story of their way of seeing the outside world, but also their inner world. Moreover, both artists are part of the permanent collection at the Macs Museum. 

“The development of the Metaverse is a process equal to the creation of the material universe in which we live. This is why our work narrates the mythology of the creation of this new dimension, from the material to the digital. – Commented Matteo Mauro A historic auction that attracted the attention of many collectors in the sector. The final bid by the luminary Anesti Dhima is not surprising, since there is no monetary price high enough to reflect something without a price, such as our universe”.

“The NFT De Mætaverse is an expression of the natural evolution of De Natura Universi in cryptographic space.Emanuele Dascanio adds – To date, only this kind of space can allow an evolutionary acceleration made of adaptations, of clusters of possibilities that can be experienced in the metaverse. De Mætaverse finds light in the focus of the collector’s experience marked by the poetry of dialogic images of previously distant and now interoperable worlds”. 

With the emergence of NFTs, the non-fungible tokens, digital works, even the most highly rated ones, have now entered the art market world, proposing a new concept of culture, increasingly fluid and innovative. According to the latest figures released by Bloomberg, more than $40 billion worth of crypto art will be sold in 2021 alone.