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Fabio Rotella: the famous Italian architect ready to enter the NFT world

Fabio Rotella is about to enter the world of NFTs and the metaverse, which is why The Cryptonomist decided to interview him.

Who is Fabio Rotella

Fabio Rotella is an eclectic architect, born in 1963, a disciple of Alessandro Mendini, one of the most important Italian architects and design theorists, with whom he worked on international architecture and design projects. Fabio is the grandson of the artist Mimmo Rotella, representative of Italian Pop Art in the world

After his experience at Atelier Mendini from 1990 to 1996, he founded Studio Rotella in Milan, followed by offices in Beijing in 2013 and Malta in 2019. His projects range from Master Plans for important Chinese cities to public and private architecture, industrial design projects, as well as being creative director of important companies and curator of cultural events.

Fabio Rotella considers himself an experimenter, always looking for design stimuli, “expressing creativity is a need of mine and it is part of my life to achieve happiness”. 

Ready to experiment through the Applied Arts, Rotella works on projects across the board: architecture, interior design, industrial design, but also graphics, art, photography and music. 

“I consider myself a sort of Siddhartha, a traveller in the world of creative experiences where different art forms are applied. I have always been interested in the idea of creating interference between Creative Arts, between people active in different disciplines, stimulating, generating short circuits. In the last twenty years, the world has totally changed, technologies and digitalization have accelerated the development of new artistic trends, the arts themselves have developed in function of the new means of communication, a stage accessible to everyone has emerged, free from constraints but with new rules”.

What is your relationship with creativity? 

I am obsessed with all things creative. Being part of a creative family has undoubtedly had an influence; my grandmother had a fashion atelier in the 1920s, my father was an architect, my uncle an artist and another a musician. 

I have always been captivated by the creative arts, hence my somewhat schizophrenic path, which has allowed me to carry out many projects in different fields. 

What is your approach to a new project? 

I approach projects through a poetic vision and a method that intersects the different cultures related to art, design, fashion, to achieve original and contemporary design expressions. This is part of a design method acquired over the years by combining experience, love for design, and continuous research into contemporary creative expressions.

What do you think about new technologies?

I have always been interested in new technologies and the application of representation and communication techniques. I follow and research the development of technologies that can lead to new methods of expression and design. 

What is your relationship with art?

I love art, I have always been surrounded by it and perhaps it has even become a ‘mania’.

Naturally, with such an important presence as my uncle Mimmo, it has not been easy to express myself personally, but it is a quest that I have always pursued as a passion. I made paintings but above all photographs, which I then modified and worked on artistically with new digital techniques.

How did you find your way into crypto art? 

Art is a natural expression of the human being, an ancestral need to represent and narrate our lives and nature. Art is an expression of the times, it narrates contemporary themes with avant-garde thinking.

At this particular moment in history, we are experiencing an acceleration in the growth and use of new forms of technology, the digital world is changing the way we live and approach modern life. 

Cryptocurrencies represent a new way of passing digital value between people, this happens collectively on the network, therefore, there is no “centralized” management; I think this will be the future. Perhaps we need to free ourselves from a System that is holding us back and imposing its economic rules on us, Art has always represented change.

Digital technologies are applied to everyday life, medicine, industry, new ways of communicating, new expressive opportunities.

In my opinion, digital art, and that linked to cryptocurrencies, represents the modern expression of contemporary avant-garde artistic thought

What are you preparing?

The idea is to create a virtual place, it will be a Metaverse named Rotella Circus, a metaphor of the Circus place, where different artists and animals will perform in different disciplines, using a positive and dreamy communication, which will make people reflect on themes related to existence and the new modernity. 

We are approaching the Third Millennium, the so-called “Society 5.0”, where the connections of the new society will be transverse and continuous.

The future goals will be to direct innovation towards solving the great problems that afflict contemporary societies.

Konny will be the first NFT character to be presented in the Rotella Circus, an iconic rabbit that will be shown in his various metamorphoses. Konny will take us on a journey into a dreamlike dimension where animals, both human and semi-human, coexist and, in a succession of performances and artistic actions, express thoughts related to modernity, the mysteries of the universe, love for planet Earth and more.

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