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Metalink integrates Chainlink VRF for NFT giveaways

Metalink, the NFT giveaway app, has announced the integration with Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Ethereum mainnet to promote randomness and transparency in NFT giveaways.

NFT giveaways on Metalink with Chainlink

With this integration, Metalink will be able to offer its users giveaways that are easy to participate in, while winning NFTs will be a clear and transparent process. This approach will be adopted in every giveaway initiated by Metalink. It will provide a higher standard of quality in the awarding of prizes.

The system offered by Chainlink is manipulation-proof.

Jake Udell, CEO and founder of Metalink, said:

“Metalink’s number-one priority is to provide our communities with a unique and safe NFT social platform. With Chainlink VRF, our collectors can enter giveaways in a single click, while also knowing we’re using a technology that prioritizes fairness and transparency to determine winners. Chainlink VRF is an obvious solution to the problems NFT projects face when conducting raffles. We’ve incorporated Chainlink VRF into Metalink for each collection we support so that teamshave easy access to verifiable randomness to conduct provably random giveaways”.

Tomasz Wojewoda, global sales manager at Chainlink Labs added:

“We’re excited that the Metalink team chose to integrate Chainlink VRF for a secure source of randomness as Metalink hosts a large and growing collection of novel NFTs. Chainlink VRF will help ensure that each giveaway conducted on Metalink is both auditable and tamper-proof, bringing enhanced transparency to its community members”.

Metalink Chainink
Metalink is more secure with Chainlink

New giveaways on Metalink

Chainlink’s new technology on Metalink will be tested immediately for Deadfellaz‘s collection consisting of three pairs of Nike Air Force Ones customized by SekureD and premiered at the National Gallery of Victoria and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Deadfellaz founder Betty said:

“We are thrilled to be able to provide our community with a fair and transparent way to enter giveaways and contests via Metalink’s integration of Chainlink VRF. Community safety is a priority for us at Deadfellaz, which is why we are so enthusiastic about the platform Metalink has developed and look forward to the Horde enjoying their dedicated Metalink server”.

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