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Fast Company: the most revolutionary companies in 2022

Fast Company has published its list of 528 of the most revolutionary companies in 2022, where innovation and Web 3.0 push the boundaries. 

Among them, Fanatics, Dapper Labs and Roblox, but also Step, the financial literacy startup, received their international innovation recognition. 

The 528 most revolutionary companies of 2022

Fast Company has published its list of the 528 most revolutionary companies in 2022, which involve innovation and Web 3.0 to develop ideas and projects that go beyond the already known boundaries. 

“Fast Company’s March/April issue, featuring our definitive annual showcase of the best in business— the Most Innovative Companies list—is here”.

Among Fast Company’s top companies that are breaking boundaries are some well-known names in the crypto world and finance in general. These include Fanatics, Dapper Labs, Roblox and even the startup Step.

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Fanatics, Dapper Labs, Roblox and Step have received their international innovation award.

Fast Company awards Fanatics, Dapper Labs, Roblox and Step

In Fast Company’s long list, there are some more innovative companies that are disrupting the fandom.

“Honored to be recognized by FastCompany on the 2022 Top 50 World’s Most Innovative Companies List (#14) and #1 for Sports!”

Fanatics is The U.S. online retailer with a database of over 80 million fans of licensed team merchandise, which has secured trading card rights for Major League Baseball, the NFL Players Association, and the NBA, and recently acquired the Topps card brand. Not only that, Fanatics has launched its new NFT marketplace, Candy Digital.

Dapper Labs is also on Fast Company’s list. The NFT company behind CryptoKitties, in 2019 created NBA Top Shot, virtual trading cards on the Flow blockchain with basketball videos, which generated $100 million in revenue. 

Next up is Roblox, another player in the Web 3.0 space, which boasts of 50 million daily users, and collaborations with major brands such as Nike, Ralph Lauren and Visa…

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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