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Meta expands in Spain: 2,000 jobs in Madrid

Meta (formerly Facebook) expands in Spain where it launches Meta Lab, with plans to create as many as 2,000 jobs. 

Meta Lab, Meta grows in Spain

Meta’s vice-president Javier Oliván announced the intentions of Mark Zuckerberg’s giant to create a hub in Spain. He spoke about it in a meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

The plans for Spain include: 

  • improvements to the technological infrastructure with the connection of the world’s first half-petabit transatlantic submarine cable and the 2Africa cable to Spain;
  • the construction of a new data centre in Castilla La Mancha;
  • a partnership with Telefónica to create an innovation laboratory for applications in the metaverse. 
  • Collaborations with universities, industry and government to work on building the metaverse in a responsible way.
  • The doubling of the Madrid offices;

All this will also be done by hiring about 2,000 people

Javier Oliván stated: 

“Today we are announcing a major investment in people and infrastructure in Spain. As our company prepares to help build the metaverse, we are putting Spain at the heart of our plans by creating new, highly skilled jobs, supporting local entrepreneurs and technology companies, and investing in essential digital infrastructure”.

Spain, it seems, will play a major role in the creation of the Facebook metaverse

The Spanish PM on Twitter commented:

“Productive meeting with Javier Oliván, Meta Vice-President . We celebrate the company’s investments in our country that will generate 2,000 jobs. Spain is a hub of talent and entrepreneurship and will continue to be at the forefront of digitization by supporting technologies such as the Metaverse”.

Meta Spain
The meeting between the Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez and the Vice President of Meta Oliván

Meta launches parental control

Meanwhile, Meta launches parental control for the Metaverse. With the ability to lock and unlock the VR app, parents will be able to prevent children under 13 from accessing experiences not dedicated to them. 

An evolution of these controls will also allow parents to block the download of unsuitable apps and Meta will also be able to do this automatically. 

In addition, Meta has announced the Family Center, a place where parents and guardians can better control their children’s use of Instagram. 


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