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UK, 24% ready to invest in tokens and NFTs

A survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Tokenise reveals that 24% of Brits are ready to invest in tokens or NFTs. 

In this case, tokens refer to security tokens or royalty tokens (tokens that produce an interest-bearing income). 

Investing in tokens and NFTs, the survey

The survey interviewed 2,000 people during the last quarter of 2021. 

The responses show an increased awareness among Brits of their investments. 

The respondents are people who have already come into contact with tokens in general and NFTs. This could also be due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which has increased the rate of inflation. Those who have already invested did so in 55% of cases after listening to someone, and in 49% they felt facilitated by using an app. 

According to the survey, there is every reason to further increase interest in cryptocurrencies, digital assets and non-fungible tokens. 

Not surprisingly, 24% of respondents said they are ready to invest in tokens or NFTs next year. This percentage increases in a city like London, where 41% of respondents said they are ready to trade tokens and also NFTs. 

invest in NFT
Young people invest in tokens and NFTs

Young people’s choice

Young people are the most enthusiastic. According to the survey, they see instruments such as tokens, cryptocurrencies and NFTs as an easier way to access finance. In fact, 53% of 18-24-year-olds said that the ease of use of apps made it easier. 

Another factor suggesting that mass adoption is imminent is the fact that this form of investment in digital assets is seen as even safer than traditional investments such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, oil, property and gold. Only 11% of respondents considered tokens to be the least secure investment.

A sector that has yet to make a name for itself

One thing that stands out is that 30% of respondents have never heard of digital assets such as tokens, NFTs, cryptocurrencies. In addition, 47% of respondents say they are not ready to invest because they do not know enough about it, while 34% do not know an easy way to enter the sector. According to the report, this data reveals that there is a barrier to entry, which could be removed with regulation. 

Will 2022 be the year of the token?

According to the research, this year will see the consecration of tokens

“It’s clear that the scene is set for digital assets to take the stage in 2022. If 2021 was the year of NFTs, 2020 the year of DeFi, 2019 the year of Libra, and 2018 the year of hash wars, 2022 could be the year of security tokens. All of those digital assets continue to underline the ongoing trend of financial inclusion and democratisation”.

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