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Quant 2022, the 16th edition on 4-5 April


The 16th edition of Quant 2022, the international event dedicated to asset management and quantitative analysis, will be held on 4 and 5 April. The Cryptonomist is among the sponsors. 

The event

The event will be held at the Galzignano Terme SPA & Golf Resort (PD) and is organized by FinLantern, a network of international financial operators, founded in 2009 and continuously growing. 

These are the confirmed speakers 

  • Alessandro Greppi, Csta – Certified Siat Technical Analyst
  • Angelo Deiana, President of Confassociazioni, Anpib (National Association of Private & Investment Bankers) and Ancp (National Association of Asset Consultants)
  • Demis Todeschini, Senior Etf Sales Specialist – Franklin Templeton
  • Enrico Malverti, Board Of Directors At Siat,
  • Eugenio Sartorelli, Siat Master Lecturer
  • Giovanni Trombetta, Chairman Of The Scientific Committee At Siat
  • Massimo Siano, Managing Director Southern Europe – 21shares
  • Michele Cicoria, Head Of Retail And Wholesale Italy At Fenthum (Partner Of Ethenea I.I. And Mainfirst)
  • Morini Massimo, Chief economist, Algorand Foundation
  • Ruggero Bertelli, Associate Professor, University Of Siena,
  • Walter Sperb, Capital Market Strategist – Flossbach Von Storch

The Quant 2022 schedule

Space for cryptocurrencies

In the panels organized during Quant 2022, speakers will discuss topics related to the best investment strategies.

Cryptocurrencies will also be discussed in a special meeting to deepen the knowledge of the crypto sector and how to use products related to digital assets with long-term investment strategies

Below is the complete schedule. 

4 April

  • 09:30 AM Registration
  • 09:45 AM Welcome and opening remarks
    Daniele Bernardi (CEO – Diaman) & Riccardo Esposito (CEO – FinLantern)
  • 10:00 AM The last frontier of Monte Carlo simulations
    Ruggero Bertelli (Associated Professor, University of Siena)
  • 10:30 AM Business Speed Dating
  • 21Shares
  • BOV/Camilleri Preziosi 
  • Carmignac
  • Diaman Tech
  • CC Fund Services/Ganado Advocates
  • Factset
  • Flossbach von Storch
  • Framont
  • Franklin Templeton
  • Ganado Advocates/CC Fund Services
  • Hetica Klassik Fund
  • Italpreziosi
  • Lapis
  • Main First
  • 11:15 AM Coffee break
  • 11:45 AM Inflation and investing: the importance of real assets in the current market environment
    Walter Sperb (Capital Market Strategist, Flossbach von Storch)
  • 12:15 PM Emerging markets: Why de-risk country exposure through ETFs?
    Demis Todeschini (Senior ETF Sales Specialist, Franklin Templeton)
  • 12:45 PM The truth, please, about… liquidity (and inflation)
    Michele Cicoria (Head of Retail and Wholesale Italy at Fenthum, Partner of Ethenea I.I. and MAINFIRST)
  • 1:15 PM Networking Lunch
  • 2:30 PM Asset management, robo4advisory and wealth advisory: scenarios and perspectives
    Angelo Deiana (President of CONFASSOCIAZIONI, ANPIB, ANCP)
  • 3:00 PM PANEL: Artificial Intelligence applied to investment strategies
    Alessandro Greppi (Certified SIAT Technical Analyst), Enrico Malverti (Board of directors at SIAT), Eugenio Sartorelli (Master Lecturer at SIAT), Giovanni Trombetta (Chairman of the Scientific Committee at SIAT)
  • 3:45 PM Coffee Break
  • 4:10 PM Why cryptocurrencies are a long-term investment. Q&A with 21SHARES, the broadcaster with the largest digital asset ETP platform in the world
    Massimo Siano (Managing Director Southern Europe, 21Shares)
  • 16:40 Algorand: Beyond the Ethereum Trilemma
    Massimo Morini (Chief Economist, Algorand Foundation)
  • 5:10 PM PANEL “The multiple ways to invest in crypto assets” | Daniele Bernardi (CEO, Diaman), Daniele Rinaldi (Co-Founder,Young Platform), Massimo Siano (Managing Director Southern Europe, 21Shares), moderated by Lucrezia Cornèr (Editor in Chief, Cointelegraph).
  • 5:55 PM Chairman Remark
    Daniele Bernardi & Riccardo Esposito
  • 7:30 PM Diaman Awards Ceremony
    Event by invitation only

5 April

5 April will be an invitation-only day (not open to the public) dedicated to meetings between sponsors and selected investors. 8-12 sponsors will meet 50-60 investors. 

It will be an opportunity for participants to find new investment opportunities. 

How to participate

To participate it is necessary to be registered. It is possible to do so by filling out a registration form on the FinLantern website.