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Gourmeta brings NFTs into cuisine

It’s called Gourmeta, the new Global Restaurant NFT Marketplace which, supported by MICHELIN Star Group, is preparing for its scheduled debut on 11 April 2022.

Gourmeta, the new Restaurant NFT marketplace 

The idea of Gourmeta is a digital marketplace that combines unique experiences in exclusive restaurants with the potential of blockchain technology.

Gourmeta was co-founded by Ioconic and is a VC-backed digital asset company based in the UK.

Gourmeta’s biggest goal is to bring to the Web 3.0 world select restaurants that hold multiple Michelin stars and others that have made it into the “best 50 restaurants in Asia” category.

Gourmeta will leverage the infinite possible uses of Non-Fungible Tokens to offer exclusive and unique dining experiences in sought-after, award-winning restaurants in major cities around the world. 

Access to all events will only be granted to the owners of NFTs specifically minted for each event, and other benefits deriving from the holding of these tokens will certainly be revealed in the course of 2022 when the project roadmap will also be published.

How the sale of these NFT pass-events will be structured

The sale of these NFTs, which will allow access to unique gourmet events, will take place on Gourmeta’s marketplace, in the form of an auction. 

Secondary market trading can take place on open markets such as OpenSea, as all tokens will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is also worth noting that Gourmeta will try to include all different types of users, both novices and experts. 

It will allow NFTs to be purchased through traditional credit and debit cards and the tokens will then be stored in a custodial wallet. 

In this way, the project will be accessible to anyone, reducing to zero the knowledge the user needs to have about cryptography and NFTs

Add to that the fact that all NFTs sold will detail the number of seats associated with the unique token and the price will include all food and drink consumed at each event.

Project launch

Estro x Gourmeta

Gourmeta’s first experience will be held in the Esto restaurant in Honk Kong

The launch of this exciting project will take place in Hong Kong at the much sought-after “Estro” restaurant, which is notoriously difficult to book as tables are even reserved months in advance. 

Estro’s founder and chef, the award-winning Antimo Maria Merone, has created a tailor-made menu for the event called “Gourmeta x Estro”.

Chef Merone’s wish is to pay homage, through food, to his culinary education received in Naples.

Further launch events will take place at Michelin Starred and MONO restaurants.

Jamie Lewis, CEO of Ioconic and co-founder of Gourmeta, commented on the launch: 

“The concept of enabling digital assets to provide access to real-world experiences is an exciting development of blockchain technology and the truest form of utility. Gourmeta offers food enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in unique experiences that would otherwise not exist, thus creating pure scarcity. Each event will have its own unique twist that differentiates the Gourmeta evening from all other evenings offered by the restaurant. We are delighted to be launching Gourmeta at Estro, andō and MONO in Hong Kong – it’s just a shame that due to travel restrictions I won’t be able to attend!”

To keep up to date with the future developments and events of this innovative project, keep an eye on the official website, Twitter page and Discord channel.

The auctions will be active from 11 April 2022.

Martina Canzani
Martina Canzani
Graduated in Law at the University of Milan. After completing her academic studies, she became interested in the world of blockchain, finding it a powerful tool for redemption. Her passion then turned into a job, and now she invests in early-stage projects in decentralised finance and DAO and writes articles on all the news concerning the crypto world.