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Intel launches Blockscale for Bitcoin mining

Intel unveils Blockscale, new ASIC to be delivered starting in Q3 of the year 

Intel sets its sights on Bitcoin mining

A couple of days ago Intel officially announced the launch of its new Blockscale technology for mining Proof-of-Work based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

The project had already been announced a few months ago, but until now details were lacking. 

Now Intel reveals that its Blockscale ASIC can achieve up to 580 GH/s hashrate, and will be available from Q3 2022. The first customers will be Argo Blockchain, Block Inc, Hive Blockchain Technologies and GRIID Infrastructure. 

The key to Intel’s new Blockscale ASIC technology will be energy efficiency, i.e. the ability to mine at high power but with reduced power consumption

The device will be usable for all Proof-of-Work algorithms based on SHA-256, of which Bitcoin is the most important. 

Intel also assures that, given the nature of the silicon used by this technology, it will be able to supply these devices in quantity without compromising the supply of new classic CPUs or GPUs. This is probably one of the most interesting pieces of information provided in this statement.

In fact, the consequence could be a minimal impact of the production of these new devices on the prices of other traditional devices produced by Intel. Until now, this has not been the case, since the production and sale of mining devices has always had a negative impact, especially on GPUs.  

intel blockscale asic
Intela presents Blockscale, the new ASIC for mining Bitcoin and PoW cryptocurrencies

Blockscale technical specifications

The Intel Blockscale ASIC will have a dedicated Secure Hash Algorithm-256 processor, with up to 580 GH/s of running hashrate and up to 26 J/TH of power efficiency. It will also have support for up to 256 blockchain ICs.

The new Blockscale chip has been specifically designed for Proof-of-Work mining. 

Intel vice president and general manager of Custom Compute, Balaji Kanigicherla, said: 

“Momentum around blockchain continues to build. It is the enabler of decentralized and distributed computing, making way for innovative business models. To power this new era of computing, Intel is delivering solutions that can offer an optimal balance of hashing throughput and energy efficiency regardless of a customer’s operating environment. Intel’s decades of R&D in cryptography, hashing techniques and ultra-low voltage circuits make it possible for blockchain applications to scale their computing power without compromising on sustainability”.

General manager of Blockchain and Business Solutions in Intel’s Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, Jose Rios, added: 

“Intel is committed to advancing blockchain technology in a responsible way, and we’re proud to collaborate with and provide solutions to companies that are creating a more sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem globally. The Intel Blockscale ASIC is going to play a major role in helping bitcoin mining companies achieve both sustainability and hash rate scaling objectives in the years ahead”.

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Marco Cavicchioli
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