BlockDown, the World’s First NFT-Enabled Web3 festival
BlockDown, the World’s First NFT-Enabled Web3 festival

BlockDown, the World’s First NFT-Enabled Web3 festival

By Cryptonomist Editorial Staff - 18 Apr 2022

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This year, BlockDown will focus on the exploding phenomenon of Web3 — widely seen as the next evolutionary phase of the internet — with a particular focus on the metaverse, NFT’s, Gaming and how DAO’s will play an increasingly large role in our lives, how we work, play and socialize.

Experience blockchain & Web3 like never before

NFTs will function as tickets for the festival, and will unlock an array of experiences among the event’s many “realms” — areas of the festival with their own look and feel, whether futuristic and cyberpunk-esque or a mystical “fairy forest”

Dotted around the BlockDown site will be pop-up experiences, performances and art installations to bring the potential of the metaverse into the real world.

Erhan Kohallier, the founder of BlockDown Festival, says:

“We have been inspired to host a 3-day festival celebrating all things Web3 culture as we believe there is a need for a different type of event in our industry. Unlike existing industry events, our plan is to take our attendees on a three-day trip into another universe, where the excitement and energy of the Web3, NFT and metaverse worlds collide in a feast for the senses.”

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V Ray, the creative mind behind much of the festival’s experiences, says:

“Getting involved in an event like this was an obvious choice due to the legendary nature of being the first-ever NFT enabled Blockchain conference. BlockDown gives me the opportunity to offer people a taste of the real-life metaverse, and what a world that integrates digital and physical experiences could look and feel like. Imagine a real-life video game where the physical and digital weave together seamlessly.”

What to expect

The event will bring together over 3000 attendees from more than 50 countries, 45 speakers, 10 keynote sessions, presentations, panels, exhibitions, prizes and networking sessions hosted by selected industry leaders. 

BlockDown Festival promises to be a packed 3 days of innovative discussions and networking, bringing together a wide network of professionals, entrepreneurs, regulators, major industry executives and investors.

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Ticket information

There are 3 ticket categories available for the event:

Ultra ticket holders will be rewarded with pop-up experiences, NFT galleries, project showcases, performances, exhibitions, and informative panels and workshops by high-profile Web3 experts.

Ultimate ticket holders will also have access to the much anticipated high-profile music performances from famous music artists.

Universal ticket holders will wine and dine in the unique ‘Mystical Forest’ VIP Lounge whilst having a ticket for the hottest ticket in town, a live concert at St. Michael’s Fortress, a historic medieval castle at the heart of the city of Šibenik with a breathtaking view of the Croatian coast.

All tickets are available via Yellow Heart.

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