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Bitpanda lists 4 new crypto ETNs on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Bitpanda has announced that it has expanded its offering, listing four new crypto ETNs on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, specifically on Cardano, Ethereum, Polkadot and Solana. 

Bitpanda lists ETNs for Cardano, Ethereum, Polkadot and Solana 

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Bitpanda shares 4 new ETNs on Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot and Solana

Crypto exchange Bitpanda announces that it has expanded its presence on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, listing new crypto ETNs, namely on Cardano, Ethereum, Polkadot and Solana

“With the launch of our Bitpanda Bitcoin ETC, we have set up the chess board and made our first move into a completely new product line. For our next move, it’s time to dive into the world of exchange-traded products even deeper. We’re pleased to announce not one, not two, but four new ETCs. Starting from right now, you’ll be able to invest in @Ethereum, @Polkadot, @Solana and @Cardano via your regular broker or bank, as seamlessly as with every other asset”.

The new four crypto ETNs join the existing Bitpanda Bitcoin ETC that led the way. 

New ETNs listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange also describes that the ETNs from Bitpanda Issuance GmbH are tradable via Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

Specifically, the new products will give investors the opportunity to access the performance of their respective cryptocurrencies without having to create crypto wallets or switch to unregulated trading platforms. In any case, the management fee is 1.49%. 

In this regard, Eric Demuth, co-founder and CEO of Bitpanda said:

“Creating new ways of portfolio diversification is the main motivation behind Bitpanda’s entry into the world of exchange-traded products. People who choose traditional investment solutions should also be able to invest in cryptocurrencies, easily, safely and seamlessly, through the channels they already know.

We are excited to be issuing new ETNs that will initially be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As we continue to list Bitpanda Crypto Trackers on new exchanges, we will enable a growing number of traditional investors to participate in the evolution of an industry that is shaping the future of finance”.

Bitpanda’s new sponsorship in Madrid

Another novelty concerning Bitpanda is its new sponsorship of the Mutua Madrid Open, on the occasion of its 20th edition. 

This is the tennis tournament that will simultaneously host the women’s WTA 1000 draw and the men’s ATP Masters 1000. An unmissable event for lovers of the best tennis in the world, who will be able to enjoy more than 200 high-level matches in an open-air venue with maximum security measures.

Here is the announcement on Twitter:

“We’re ecstatic to officially announce our sponsorship of the @MutuaMadridOpen, featuring both the #ATPMasters1000 and #WTA1000 tours. Are you ready to see the best tennis players on the planet battle it out on the clay of the Caja Mágica stadium? Tune in from April 26 to May 8”.

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