Hackatao lands in Korea with [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO
Hackatao lands in Korea with [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO

Hackatao lands in Korea with [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO

By Stefania Stimolo - 28 Apr 2022

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The two artists Hackatao, together with ARTE META of Seoul, present the first interactive work [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO at ARTE MUSEUM GANGNEUNG in Korea this Saturday 30 April. 

In May, [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO will also be launched as an NFT, tokenized and available for acquisition through a primary digital art platform marketplace.


[SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO by Hackatao and ARTE META, will begin its tour at the new museum in South Korea’s capital city and then travel to other museum institutions around the world. 

“A mystical deer, a chance encounter, an ancient forest [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO 1/1 NFT artwork explores these magic moments with @Hackataox @artemeta_ . A user-generative experience at ARTE MUSEUM VALLEY in KOREA from April 30th till July 20th”.

This is an interactive artwork celebrating an almost supernatural appearance of the sacred deer, a good entity that resides in the sacred mountains of Korea. 

[SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO provides a unique and personal interaction. It is a user-generative work that responds to audience presence and physical interaction with different patterns and colours.

In practice, the deer detects when an audience is present and approaches the audience by taking a few steps. When you touch the deer, it will be adorned with beautiful flowers, and then stop and appear again at the command of the interacting person.

Hackatao and crypto art with NFTs

hackatao queens+kings
One of the NFTs from Hackatao’s Queens + Kings project

SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO will also have its digital version as a Non-Fungible Token in May. The new NFT will be available for acquisition through a primary digital art marketplace on the platform.

Artist duo Hackatao incorporated visual, literary and conceptual interpretations of the deer from various cultures into the design of the deer skin, using their signature “stream of consciousness” drawing style.

By now, Hackatao are a household name when it comes to the crypto art and NFT sector since 2018.

Last year, Christie’s London announced a digital piece accompanying Leonardo da Vinci’s insightful Head of a Bear study, created in collaboration with the Milanese duo Hackatao.  

A bear head drawn by Leonardo was then offered as the main lot at the auction on 8 July 2021, fetching £8,857,500. A world record for the artist’s drawing and the fifth highest at the time for this category of “antique drawing” sold at auction 

At the end of November, Hackatao also won the cover of the first issue of The NFT Magazine’s editorial project.

Stefania Stimolo

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