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Tryvium Travels announces the “State of Tryvium”


London, UK, 20th April 2022: Tryvium Travels announces the “State of Tryvium: A peek into Tryvium Universe”.

After the broadcasted release of the Universal Token Swapper, the CoinMarketCap Diamond Campaign and the successful NFT Airdrop Campaign, the online blockchain-based travel agency Tryvium Travels is set to release a comprehensive guide of the past, present and future steps of its Ecosystem.

Tryvium, along with its community, went through a long journey: from an idea to a working prototype and from a prototype to the working open Beta platform that you can find at the official website.

With the release of the State of Tryvium, Tryvium Travels aims to summarize all the information scattered on all of its media channels, to gather and report in one document every necessary information about the project, making it easily accessible for everyone.

Tryvium early days and story

tryvium beta platform
Tryvium Travels beta platform is ready to launch its TRYV token with an IEO on Kanga Exchange

A step back is necessary to understand what’s behind Tryvium Travels’s Mission, Vision and Ecosystem.

The early days of development started at the beginning of 2019, as the results of the ideas  of the three co-founders. 

Tryvium released its first MVP (v0), a product realized to be showcased, gathering feedback and interest from investors.

The Covid pandemic struck both the travel and blockchain industry very hard, with the former one being especially targeted, as countries closed borders and the world faced a long and exhausting lock-down. 

Tryvium made the best out of the situation, focusing on infrastructure and partnerships.

During 2020, Tryvium partnered with multiple hotel providers and crypto payment providers, signing deals and partnerships with:

  • Hotelbeds, adding 200.000 accommodations to the platform
  • Crypto.com Pay, adding integration of cryptocurrency payment through Crypto.com app
  • Binance Pay, adding another cryptocurrency payment integration, via Binance

At the same time, Tryvium joined the “Discovery 2021” accelerator program to continue its path into the startup world.

Luca Pagliaro, Tryvium Travels COO, said:

“During the Covid19 Pandemic we saw many competitors failing to deliver their solutions and companies closing to never reopen again. 

Tryvium Travels survived and grew, building strategic partnerships and expanding its network, while improving the technology of the Ecosystem and providing real solutions to the the challenges of the Tourism and Blockchain industry.

We’ve come far and we are proud of what we achieved, but this is only the beginning of our journey.”

As of today, the BETA Tryvium Platform provides over 2M of accommodations worldwide, allowing users to travel anytime, anywhere, with thousands of cryptocurrencies. 

Tryvium’s mission lays in the following statements:

“Democratize the access to the Hospitality industry to everybody owning cryptocurrencies”

“Maximize cryptocurrencies adoption in Hospitality and Tourism industries”

“Create a new space in which Hospitality businesses can cut out all the middlemen that drain value out”

Tryvium Travel is a place where travel projects come alive and are expected to grow bigger, where users can experience easy, fast and secure blockchain transactions while enjoying a flawless travel experience.

The Tryvium network got broader, involving partners coming both from the Tourism and the Blockchain Industry, such as Rakuten, HotelBeds, Syscoin Platform and Crypto.com.

Roberto Lista, Tryvium Travels CEO, said:

Tryvium is an Ecosystem made of multiple products, with the main goal to democratize the access to the hospitality industry for all cryptocurrencies Hodlers  and we are not only shaping a new improved form of travel experience, but we want to redefine the way people approach to cryptocurrencies

Plans for the future

2022 is set to be a roaring year for Tryvium Travels, with different milestones to be achieved and a lot of improvement and updates on a very large scale.

Out of the many goals set for 2022, three of them can be pinned, as they represents the most anticipated and hyped milestones:

  • TRYV, the Tryvium token, IEO and launch, both on Cexes and Dexes, and NFT implementations.
  • Full release of the Tryvium booking Platform and the IOS/Android App.
  • Open Source release of the Universal Token Swapper.

With these achievements Tryvium Travels will release its full potential and will deliver a decentralized travel network, connecting hosts and customers all over the world, allowing them to host and travel experiencing easy, fast and secure transactions with thousands of cryptocurrencies thanks to the Tryvium Pay, a payment system created on the model of the Universal Token Swapper.

Tryvium Travels officially announces to its community that the TRYV launch will take place on the Kanga Exchange via tokenization on April the 26th 2022, and that the Cex launch will be shortly followed by the launch of TRYV on the most renowned DEX Exchange, Pancake Swap.

Tryvium will share every detail with the investors and the community about the upcoming TRYV launch on their social media channels, and will move on with a wide marketing campaign to support the launch.

For more info about Tryvium Travels, such as Roadmap, Tokenomics, Whitepaper and more, visit the website

Register on the Beta Platform to receive 100 TRYV for free, immediately spendible to travel, and soon available for withdrawal and for trading.

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