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RBIS Coin, forecast to rise 8,000%, offers the best opportunity for capital gains since Ethereum and Shiba Inu


ArbiSmart (RBIS), a recent addition to the crypto exchanges, is one of the most promising investments of 2022. According to the latest analyst projections, the RBIS price is set to jump to 80 times its current value in the coming months, even though it is currently hovering around the $1 mark. This translates to huge gains for those who buy in early if the price takes off as expected.

The exchange listing process

rbis coin
Listing process in major exchanges

The RBIS token was listed for the first time in January 2022. Since then, it has snowballed, being added to multiple exchanges including big names like  SushiSwap, and Uniswap among others.

Each exchange that adds RBIS means enhanced name-recognition as the audience for the token grows. More exchanges mean greater liquidity and trading volume and as RBIS becomes established, with an increasing number of prominent listings, it is gaining credibility and proving its viability, making it an attractive prospect for even more tier-1 exchanges.

Laying the groundwork

The ArbiSmart ecosystem is FCIS authorized, meaning that it is permitted to operate throughout the European Union, providing a wide spectrum of virtual currency services. This has ensured that the project is perfectly positioned for expansion as it is authorized to exchange cryptocurrency against FIAT and digital currencies, as well as offer wallet services and crypto banking.

rbis coin
ArbiSmart ecosystem is developing

The development team had a busy first quarter preparing for the simultaneous launch of a number of utilities in Q2, including an interest-bearing wallet, a decentralized yield farming program, a mobile app and an NFT marketplace. 

The ArbiSmart hub

RBIS is the currency used to power the entire ArbiSmart ecosystem. For example, wallet owners have to hold a minimum amount of RBIS to earn interest on their stored capital, and the more RBIS they hold, the higher the rate of return. Equally, RBIS must be used to purchase NFTs in the marketplace, as well as in-game items in the metaverse. Moreover, capital is staked in the yield farming program in USDT/RBIS, WBTC/RBIS and ETH/RBIS liquidity pools with interest received in RBIS.

rbis coin
Great yields with ArbiSmart project

With every new RBIS utility that is added, demand for the token will climb. Since the RBIS supply is finite, and permanently capped at 450M, as the limited amount of available tokens drops the price should rise. 

The ArbiSmart project currently offers crypto arbitrage, via an automated trading platform that generates annual passive profits starting at 10.8% and reaching up to 45% depending on the deposit amount. Yet throughout Q2, multiple new services are about to be introduced that are designed to drive demand and increase token liquidity, with more in the pipeline for H2. 

Interest-generating wallet

rbis coin
Interest-generating wallet

In May, ArbiSmart will be launching a digital wallet, supporting multiple crypto and FIAT currencies. It will offer safe storage, as well as interest of up to 147% a year on RBIS accounts and 49% a year for all other account currencies. The wallet will offer daily interest on a variety of savings plans that can be accessed any time, without touching the funds on which they are earned. 

A mobile version will also be released next month that will enable users to buy, exchange, and store crypto, depositing and withdrawing funds from any location, via any Apple or Android device.

Decentralized Yield Farming

The decentralized yield farming program, in the pipeline for later this quarter, is providing industry-high rewards to participants in return for staking capital, and they can withdraw their funds at any time. 

rbis coin
Decentralized Yield Farming program

The program will be offered via Uniswap, and participants will be able to contribute to  ETH/RBIS and/or a USDT/RBIS  liquidity pools, accessing the service directly via the ArbiSmart platform to earn up to 190,000% APY as well as  0.3% of the fees on each trade. 

NFT marketplace & digital collection

30ArbiSmart NFT marketplaceIn Q2, ArbiSmart is also introducing an NFT marketplace where participants can securely buy and sell non-fungible tokens.  In addition, the project will be launching a collection of ten thousand unique, one-of-a-kind digital artworks.

The second half of 2022

ArbiSmart has also got the ball rolling on a number of additional utilities which are scheduled for release in the latter half of the year. 

Cryptocurrency Exchange

ArbiSmart’s authorized cryptocurrency exchange will enable users to buy and sell a wide choice of cryptocurrencies, benefiting from a low fee structure and competitive rates, with secure storage provided through the project’s interest-generating wallet. 


Another RBIS utility, scheduled for the second half of 2022, is the ArbiSmart metaverse, where gamers can play to earn, profiting from a range of games and virtual assets in a richly rendered digital reality. Participants will be able to explore and create new environments, buying digital plots of land using RBIS and then developing the virtual real estate or selling it for real-world profits. 

Crypto Banking

In H2 ArbiSmart is also releasing an EU authorized crypto banking package, meeting tough European regulatory standards. The package will include payment solutions allowing users to conveniently convert payments into various currencies and perform transactions cost-effectively. The package will also include IBANs, which will connect digital assets to a traditional, FIAT European bank account. 

The banking products and services suite will also include crypto debit cards supporting multiple cryptocurrencies, which will allow the card holder to conveniently save, spend and manage global payments. 

All the different utilities in the ArbiSmart hub are interconnected, increasing token liquidity. So, an NFT bought in the marketplace can serve as an avatar or other in-game item in the metaverse. Also, use of more than one RBIS utility is rewarded with preferential terms, such as a higher annual profit percentage for participants in the yield farming program who hold an ArbiSmart NFT. 

Projections of an 8,000% rise in the value of the RBIS token in the coming months are conservative, considering the major developments on the way that are likely to send the price skyrocketing. Currently priced at under a dollar, RBIS presents a can’t-miss opportunity for major capital gains. To get a slice of the action, buy RBIS here.

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