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Mark Cuban: DOGE as a solution to Twitter spam

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has suggested using Dogecoin (DOGE) to solve the problem of spam on Twitter. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and memecoin co-creator Billy Marcus share the idea

Mark Cuban, Elon Musk and Billy Marcus: DOGE could solve Twitter spam

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Mark Cuban says Dogecoin (DOGE) could be the solution to Twitter spam

In a discussion on Twitter raised by Elon Musk (new owner of the social network of crypto-lovers) about the problem of spam, Mark Cuban intervened and suggested the use of Dogecoin (DOGE) as a solution. 

“We add an optimistic roll up to Doge.  Everyone puts up 1 doge for unlimited posts. If anyone contests a post and humans confirm it’s spam, they get the spammer’s Doge. Spammer has to post 100x more Doge If it’s not spam, the contestor loses their Doge. DogeDAO FTW!”

Basically, Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur and president of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team, has suggested that everyone put a DOGE for unlimited posts on Twitter and that when flagged as spam, if upon verification they are, the spammer must give his DOGE, otherwise the flagger will do so. 

In addition to the 9k likes to Cuban’s post, Dogecoin co-creator Billy Marcus and Elon Musk himself also joined in, tweeting “not a bad idea”

Mark Cuban and Elon Musk are pro-Dogecoin

Whether the idea goes through or not, it is clear that the two billionaires are both optimistic about the use of Dogecoin (DOGE), the memecoin par excellence. 

For Musk, this is nothing new; indeed, it seems that the $44 billion purchase of Twitter by the world’s richest man even influenced the price of DOGE, which pumped 30% immediately after the news broke. 

But even the Cuban-Dogecoin relationship has its own history. Last summer, Cuban claimed that Dogecoin is the “strongest” cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange

Trying to believe it, Cuban began accepting DOGE as payment for goods in March 2021, with the Dallas Mavericks organization seeing substantial sales made with the meme cryptocurrency.

Not only that, Cuban also recently spoke out on Ethereum, the second-largest crypto by marketcap, stating that ETH’s price could go up soon thanks to the Merge update

According to him, there are essentially two reasons for this:

  1. the change from PoW to PoS which will reduce the impact on the environment;
  2. the interesting way in which the smaller amount of ETH issued could make the asset deflationary. 

Twitter loses appeal with Musk purchase

Several Twitter accounts have reportedly lost hundreds of thousands of followers in recent days. 

The cause has been attributed to the purchase by Elon Musk, which has been reported in all media. The hypothetical reasons that emerged as the cause were:

  • for political reasons differing from Musk;
  • for the war on bots and spam declared by its new buyer. 
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