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Binance and Treccani Futura launch free educational project

Treccani Futura in collaboration with Binance and the participation of a number of Italian Universities, have launched a new free educational project ‘Finance and the Future’, a mix of theory and practice with lessons dedicated to students of various universities. 

Binance and Treccani Futura together to launch ‘Finance and the Future’

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Binance collaborates with Treccani Futura and 4 other Italian universities for an educational project based on decentralized finance

A mix of traditional finance and Decentralized Finance (or DeFi) is what the new ‘Finance and the Future’ educational project will be about. 

This is a study project carried out by Treccani Futura in collaboration with Binance and with the participation of the University of Insubria, the Catholic University of Milan, the University of Bari and the LUMSA University of Rome.

Finance and the Future’ is a mix of theory and practice with on-demand lessons and hackathons that will allow students from all faculties of the universities involved to learn more about DeFi

Binance and Treccani Futura: how ‘Finance and the Future’ works

Starting from mid-May, there will be a first theoretical phase of three on-demand and asynchronous training lessons, dedicated to students enrolled in the initiative through the university. 

After that, there will be a second phase of practical activities with a 4-hour hackathon in each university, during which the students in teams will test themselves by putting into practice the tools related to decentralized finance.

At the end of the four hours their work will be assessed by a jury of specialists who will decide the winning group.

Andrea Dusi, CEO of Treccani Futura, commented: 

“[…] With ‘Finance and the Future’ we want to bring greater awareness of these issues to universities, bringing young people to better comprehend, involving practical activities, how finance works today and what its possible developments will be, especially because, despite everyone talking about crypto, there is still a lot of confusion about the world of blockchain, especially in Italy. 

For this reason, we wanted this project to be completely free of charge and valid for the entire university, accessible even to those who do not attend strictly economic faculties. The participation of the universities participating in the project and the contribution of Binance, with its proven technical expertise in DeFi, have enabled us to produce a course that is particularly innovative in both method and content”.

The project involves experts such as Antonio Pace, CEO and General Manager of Fondo Italiano d’Investimento, Roberto Garavaglia, professor, expert in digital payments and blockchain and author of several publications, and Luca Boiardi, CEO of The Crypto-gateway. 

From education to donations

The crypto-exchange par excellence, Binance, also the world’s leading provider of crypto infrastructure, remains present in several sectors

From education and training, such as the new ‘Finance and the Future’ developed with Treccani Futura, Binance is also present in the area of donations, which lately has involved Ukraine. 

Indeed, Binance has announced the launch of a new debit card for Ukraine, which will enable it to manage donations with the stablecoin BUSD. 

The new card is in addition to all the support services for the population affected by the Russian attacks created by the crypto community. Indeed, since the first days of the war, billions of Bitcoin donations have been coming in for humanitarian aid. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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