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Former Billboard executive becomes CEO of Doodles NFT

Doodles NFT has announced new CEO Julian Holguin, a former Billboard executive to expand the project’s mainstream growth through music, culture and entertainment

Julian Holguin is the new CEO of Doodles NFT.

doodles nft collection
The Doodles NFT collection

The 10,000 collection of Non-Fungible Tokens developed on Ethereum, Doodles NFT, has announced its new CEO: Julian Holguin. 

“We’re thrilled to announce Julian Holguin, @jholguin, as the new @doodles CEO. Julian will work alongside the founders to expand Doodles IP throughout music, gaming, and entertainment, while deeply integrating culture into the product. In the coming weeks, we will introduce you to the next phase of Doodles — Groundbreaking projects, transformative partnerships and a full reveal of our vision & roadmap. Oh… and on May 12, 2022, a mysterious device will drop into the Doodles universe”.

Former Vereran executive at Billboard, Holguin, with more than 14 years of executive experience in media and entertainment, responded to the tweet as follows:

“Thrilled to be joining Tulip, Poopie and Burnt Toast @doodles. Phase 2 starts now – get ready!”

Who is Julian Holguin?

The new CEO of NFT Doodles, Julian Holguin, is the former Billboard executive and was responsible for transforming the brand from a commercial music magazine to an international multi-platform fan experience. 

Given his experience transforming brands across media, digital publishing, social media, streaming, television and live events, Holguin could mark a new mission for the Doodles NFT project, becoming entertainment and lifestyle consumer brands at scale.

On the other hand, Doodles is securing some of the world’s most renowned artists and developing the next generation of NFT products. 

Currently, Doodles NFTs have a minimum purchase price on OpenSea of around 18 ETH, the equivalent of almost $44,000.

Instagram’s pilot test

While Holguin is diving into the world of NFTs, wanting to transform the brand of Doodles, the social network of stories and reels, Instagram, has announced its new pilot test to also integrate Non-Fungible Tokens. 

The new test is expected to launch early next week and is expected to support NFTs on the Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and Flow blockchains. 

In addition, NFTs on Instagram are not expected to be pay-as-you-go, unlike Twitter which supports them as profile images only for subscribers of the Twitter Blue service. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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