Espanyol football club will accept crypto payments
Espanyol football club will accept crypto payments

Espanyol football club will accept crypto payments

By Martina Canzani - 12 May 2022

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These are difficult days for those working in the crypto market, but this has not stopped the advancement of great projects aimed at growing the exciting fintech ecosystem, such as that of Espanyol. 

Espanyol opens the door to crypto payments

From the Iberian Peninsula comes great news. The Spanish football club, Espanyol, has decided that it will start accepting crypto payments relatively soon.

This is an important new step towards the formation of a close connection between football and decentralized finance.

This decision is the result of the recent agreement the Spanish club made on Monday 9 May with iGaming Token Crypto Snack, the first iGaming token launched on Binance. 

The agreement between Espanyol and iGaming Token Crypto Snack

crypto snack
New partnership between Espanyol and Crypto Snack, a project developed on BSC

The agreement between the Spanish team and one of the most important crypto exchanges, not only stands out as the perfect example of how crypto can be used in an infinite number of contexts, but also allows for a new way of interacting and offering services to fans.

For example, there will be the possibility of using cryptocurrencies right inside the RCDE Espanyol stadium in Barcelona!

More precisely, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and, of course, the SNACK token will be accepted. 

As a result of this partnership, the Espanyol team will also carry the Crypto Snack logo on their uniforms.

The team’s marketing director, Antoni Alegre, commented on the news as follows:

“We have signed an agreement for the rest of the season and another three years that includes the presence of Crypto Snack in the training jersey and shorts of the first team. We’re an enterprising club and we want to be a one-stop-shop for the blockchain industry”.

Stuart Morrison, CEO of Crypto Snack, also seems to be excited about this new partnership, even describing the Spanish football team as: “the perfect partner”. Indeed, he stated the following:

“We are very happy to be here and to sign the first agreement in the industry in La Liga. We want to work and grow together”.

All set for next season

It seems that the two partners are aiming to make things extremely fast so that they can already introduce the possibility of using cryptocurrencies inside the stadium, as early as next season.

With digital currencies it will also be possible to buy tickets and renew season tickets.

Martina Canzani

Graduated in Law at the University of Milan. After completing her academic studies, she became interested in the world of blockchain, finding it a powerful tool for redemption. Her passion then turned into a job, and now she invests in early-stage projects in decentralised finance and DAO and writes articles on all the news concerning the crypto world.

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