Neosperience, Wizkey and Neri Pozza together for first NFT publishing initiative in Italy
Neosperience, Wizkey and Neri Pozza together for first NFT publishing initiative in Italy

Neosperience, Wizkey and Neri Pozza together for first NFT publishing initiative in Italy

By Cryptonomist Editorial Staff - 12 May 2022

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Milan, 12 May 2022 – Neosperience S.p.A. (“NEOSPERIENCE” or “NSP”), an innovative SME and a leading player in Artificial Intelligence, listed on Euronext Growth Milan since 20 February 2019, together with Wizkey S.p.A, a company focused on innovation through blockchain in the fintech sector, have created for Neri Pozza Editore the “NFPPP: Non-Fungible Pier Paolo Pasolini” project, the first NFT issue by an Italian publisher, to celebrate the centenary of Pasolini’s birth. 

NFPP, the first NFT project curated by an Italian publisher in honor of the artist Paolo Pasolini

pier paolo pasolini
An all-Italian NFT project in honor of Pier Paolo Pasolini

The publisher has chosen the technological skills of Neosperience and Wizkey to create a special digital edition of the cover of Dacia Maraini’s book “Caro Pier Paolo”. published on 5 March, the date of the artist’s birth. 

The project involves the creation of three “digital sculptures,” renderings of Pasolini created with a 3D printer by Nicola Verlato, an internationally recognized and renowned artist. Visitors from around the world will be able to view previews of the three NFT digital works on the dedicated landing page and then participate in the auction starting 7 June.  

The project was developed through NFT-Commerce, Neosperience’s platform that for the first time allows organizations to create, manage and sell their intangible assets through Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology. The NFPPP experience is enriched by some special contents, such as an exclusive interview with artist Nicola Verlato, as well as a video poem by Dacia Maraini dedicated to Pasolini, taken from the book “Dear Pier Paolo.”

The synergy between Neri Pozza, a historic publishing house that is a point of reference in the Italian cultural scene, Nicola Verlato, an artist already present in the NFT world with relevant prominence, Neosperience and Wizkey, protagonists in the development of new technologies, has allowed the innovative fusion of technology, art and literature to give life to a uniquely distributed multi-functional experience through the blockchain platform. 

The project will be hosted at the “Salone del Libro” (Book Fair) in Turin, the main event dedicated to publishing in Italy and among the most important in the world, at the premises of Neri Pozza Editore. 

Statements by Giuseppe Russo

Giuseppe Russo, Neri Pozza publishing director, said: 

“On the occasion of the appearance of Caro Pier Paolo, the book in which Dacia Maraini retraces the years of her profound friendship with Pasolini, we asked Nicola Verlato, an artist who has dedicated an important cycle of works to the figure of the poet, to create three covers of the book in the form of NFT digital creations. The idea is to reach with immediacy, through the technology that blockchain offers, the international artistic community, to re-propose the figure and work of Pier Paolo Pasolini, a poet, director and writer who marked the history of the twentieth century with his free creative, political and cultural testimony. 

The result is a unique collection in the crypto-art scene. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the creation of a scholarship for young editors, intended for their training and editorial preparation. The scholarship will be named in memory of Nicoletta Bettucchi, editor and talented philologist of the publishing house who passed away recently”.

Dario Melpignagno’s comments

Dario Melpignano, President of Neosperience, commented:

“NFT-Commerce- technology fully represents our idea of how it is possible to qualify art and overcome the dyscrasia between it and téchne, which characterized the 20th century. In our vision, art and science are different but deeply connected manifestations of a single culture, human culture: the ability to recover this dimension guides us in proposing to our clients an approach that places our nature at the center, overcoming technocratic bulimia to create real value. 

Already in 2022, the NFT market will be worth more than 50 billion euros, and this is without considering that the major global economic players have not yet entered it: this is why we at Neosperience are so committed to accompanying brands in enhancing the value of their digital assets through our NFT-Commerce platform”.

Wizkey CEO 

Marco Pagani, CEO Wizkey, added: 

“NFTs are an extraordinary and very versatile technology, and it is precisely this plasticity that requires a multidisciplinary approach in the areas of innovation, legal, marketing and strategy. This is why we have built a team in partnership with Neosperience to provide our clients with a comprehensive service that accompanies them from strategy definition and NFT design to interactions with the community in order to maximize the potential of this technology. 

We are proud to have been able to help a publishing excellence like Neri Pozza in an important project like this, which we trust will lead the way for many other innovative projects in the field of NFTs applied to the publishing world. This is an important milestone for our companies, for the community of innovators in our country and for Italian publishing”.

The NFTs created are based on a certification that takes place via blockchain, the system that regulates and records transactions and tracks and certifies digital goods ranging from artworks to video games, from videos of the achievements of sports champions, to luxury goods, from paper patterns to haute couture pieces.

The NFT market is growing rapidly and is involving every sector, art, fashion, retail, video games, music, and now publishing. More and more entities want to use this new system to secure ownership, uniqueness, dissemination and receipt of rights to a wide variety of represented objects. Neosperience and WizKey, thanks to the NFT-Commerce platform, provide their skills to help all kinds of realities take advantage of this new opportunity for engagement and value creation.

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Neosperience S.p.A.

Neosperience is an innovative SME listed on Euronext Growth Milan that operates as a software vendor. It was recently listed by Gartner as the only Italian company among the six most innovative software vendors in the world along with Adobe, Salesforce and SAS. 

Founded in Brescia in 2006 by Dario Melpignano and Luigi Linotto, president and executive vice president, respectively, the company is active in the Artificial Intelligence sector with Neosperience Cloud: the software platform behind advanced Digital Solutions that enable companies to offer their customers an empathetic digital experience with which to attract new customers, increase the value of existing customers, improve revenues and margins, and optimize business processes. 

Neosperience’s client companies include leading companies in fashion, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services.


WIZKEY is a leading provider of innovative products and services for the credit market offered to banks and financial institutions through a proprietary end-to-end platform that is based on leveraging cloud storage, NFTs and blockchain technology. WizKey is based in Milan, Italy, but operates globally through its own sales channels. For more information see the official website

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