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Primer payment infrastructure now accepts Bitcoin

The payments infrastructure provider Primer has started offering its users the possibility of using Bitcoin to carry out transactions.

“JUST IN: Payment infrastructure provider Primer now allows merchants worldwide to accept Bitcoin”.

Primer implements Bitcoin in its service offering

bitcoin payments system
Primer implements Bitcoin in its payments infrastructure

The Primer platform is a payments infrastructure present in more than 30 states worldwide

The company collaborates with OpenNode to provide the possibility to make fast payments in Bitcoin.

OpenNode, thanks to effective APIs, e-commerce plug-ins or payment pages, offers a wide range of options to make fast and secure Bitcoin payments.

This news is yet another small step in the expansion of Bitcoin, which to date is quietly seen as another option for making payments on par with fiat currencies

The expansion of cryptocurrencies knows no bounds and once again we find ourselves commenting on the expansion of these assets into our lives. 

The ongoing normalization of BTC, which is increasingly perceived as user-friendly and of common use to even the smallest of investors or traders, has accelerated significantly in the last three years. 

The spread of Bitcoin in everyday life

From the year of its creation in 2009 to the present day, Bitcoin has come a long way: from being Satoshi’s futuristic project aimed at guaranteeing long-term stability, unassailable by external manipulation agents and above all a payment instrument destined to surpass fiat currencies (hackers, manipulative powers, etc.), it is now a widespread reality, known to all and into which billions of dollars from all over the world have flowed in abundance

It has proven to be an instrument that can be effective against inflation, especially thanks to the periodic halving, and is safer than transactions with traditional currencies.

The crisis, and the increase in the use of Internet-connected devices such as PCs, tablets and mobile phones, as well as increased revenues in technology companies (see big tech, Apple, Microsoft) has seen the growing expansion of crypto payments

Even during the unfortunate war that broke out in Eastern Europe, Bitcoin played a crucial role. Donations have been pouring in for Ukrainians who have been able to meet their expenses for food, clothing and general necessities. 

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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