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Milan: first house sold for €940,000 in crypto and certified via NFT

In Milan, a house costing €940,000 has been sold for the first time in crypto thanks to Sanremo-based luxury portal Luxforsale, which handled the real estate transaction. The operation involves the gift of 3 “lands” in the metaverse and an NFT certifying the virtual authenticity of the property. 

Milan: first house bought in crypto and certified via NFT

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Luxforsale sells the first luxury home in Milan in cryptocurrencies

According to reports, it is now possible to buy flats in Bitcoin and Ethereum, while also receiving as a gift 3 lands in the metaverse and certification of the property’s virtual authenticity via NFT. 

This is what happened in Milan, where a famous director sold his flat located on the penultimate floor of a building in the Cinque Giornate area for the sum of €940,000 in crypto

This was made possible thanks to the San Remo luxury portal Luxforsale, which is directly handling the real estate transaction. 

In this regard, Claudio Citzia, CEO and head founder of Luxforsale said:

“This is an absolute novelty on the Italian real estate scene, a pilot operation on which to shine the spotlight. The seller is a well-known director of the Italian advertising scene and with this operation he wants to definitively confirm the validity of blockchain technology, which is making its appearance also in the luxury real estate sector”.

Real Estate in Italy meets crypto, NFT and metaverse thanks to Luxforsale

The novel act of buying and selling cryptocurrencies gives the real estate sector in Italy the chance to cross paths with crypto, NFTs and the metaverse. 

In its general description, Luxforsale explains that the reasons for choosing to buy a luxury home in crypto are many. These include solidifying a “small” investment in Bitcoin or Ethereum made perhaps years ago, which can now be reinvested in part or all of the property. 

In this way, Luxforsale intends to offer these investors an opportunity to spend their crypto, something that is not yet easily and concretely feasible, at least in Italy. 

In general, Luxforsale also states that luxury real estate is a medium to long-term investment, considering the growing trend of selling prices.

Not only that, again to stick to the theme, Luxforsale also offers its clients access to even more emerging markets such as metaverse and NFTs. 

Dubai’s Cavalli Tower also offers 27 flats for sale in crypto

The Cavalli Tower in Dubai, together with the 221 Luxury Network platform, recently put the last remaining 27 flats up for sale in Dubai, offering the possibility to buy them in crypto

The Cavalli Tower boasts 70 floors and as many as 485 ultra-luxury residences, with flats ranging from two to five bedrooms. From the tower one can see the Dubai skyline and the marina. It is the first Cavalli-branded residential complex in the world

Purchase transactions of these luxury properties can be concluded in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

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Stefania Stimolo
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