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The Nemesis: Rai Cinema is entering the Metaverse

The Nemesis also brings Rai Cinema into its Metaverse. The new partnership will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2022 and all guests will be gifted a special NFT Raicinema2500pics. 

The Nemesis

The Nemesis and Rai Cinema: the perfect marriage of cinema and metaverse

During today’s Cannes Film Festival 2022, The Nemesis, the Italian metaverse platform, officially announced the new entry of Rai Cinema in its Metaverse, after also announcing it on Twitter a few days ago. 

“Turn up the volume… LOUD‼️ Enjoy the teaser of the upcoming RaiCinema metaverse. A special adventure set at the Cannes Film Festival with Diabolik & museocinema. Are you ready for the first speedrun in night mode with his skin? Just wait 3 days..”.

It is a space in The Nemesis completely dedicated to cinema in the metaverse, where it will be possible to watch free film content, experience streaming events and interact with posters and iconic cinema objects for an exclusive and immersive experience.

Not only that, with your avatar, you will be able to explore the Rai Cinema Island and the National Cinema Museum with the possibility of also visiting the 3D exhibition inspired by the Diabolik film.

All it takes to experience the event is a smartphone or computer and an internet connection, no visor or complicated programmes to install. 

The Nemesis, Diabolik’s avatar and Rai Cinema’s first NFT

For the occasion, users of The Nemesis will be able to start having fun with the exclusive avatar of Diabolik, specially designed and animated to recall the movements of the famous comic book character that has thrilled generations of readers.

This is a game for everyone that allows users to test their skills with a typical Diabolik mission, to be played in night mode: the theft of the Stella della Mole and the escape across the rooftops of the Festival’s location. 

Not only that, for all the guests of the event, The Nemesis gave away a special NFT Raicinema2500pics, Rai Cinema’s first NFT made in collaboration with ConsenSys, a leading company in the entire Web3 sector, which, like Beeple’s famous work, is a collage of photos of some of the festivals and events in which Rai Cinema has been a protagonist.

On this subject, Alessandro De Grandi, Founder and CEO of The Nemesis said:

“Collaborating with an open and innovative partner like Rai Cinema is a great opportunity for us and a chance to show the general public how the metaverse can reinterpret the concept of entertainment through gamification-focused experiences. And this is just the beginning: we have new and exciting adventures in store”.

From Serie A football to cinema

This collaboration, which represents the perfect marriage between cinema and metaverse, comes after The Nemesis had also announced earlier this month its partnership with ConsenSys, Lega Serie A and TIM to host Italian Serie A football. 

For that occasion, the first Milan-Fiorentina match was streamed in The Nemesis metaverse, with NFT-based access tickets. 

The target audience was the MENA region (users in the Middle East and North Africa) who were able to watch the match from their desktop browsers and mobile phones via The Nemesis iOS and Android app, once they had purchased their NFT ticket. 

The Cryptonomist has been collaborating with The Nemesis metaverse for over a year, and the Poseidon Group recently invested in the metaverse.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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