Eurovision Song Contest 2022: winners release charity NFTs
Eurovision Song Contest 2022: winners release charity NFTs

Eurovision Song Contest 2022: winners release charity NFTs

By Stefania Stimolo - 27 May 2022

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022 winners Kalush Orchestra have auctioned off NFT their Eurovision Trophy Glass Mic, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity for Ukraine

Eurovision Song Contest 2022: the NFT of the winning song for charity for Ukraine

eurovision 2022 trophy
The proceeds from the sale of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Trophy NFT will be donated to Uraina

‘Stefania for Ukraine’ is the new NFT auctioned by Kalush Orchestra, the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. 

It is the Eurovision Glass Mic Trophy in its Non-Fungible Token version and, the proceeds of the auction, will be donated to charity for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The auction has been running since 25 May on MetaHistory – the official Ukrainian NFT charity museum – and will only last until 28 May

Bids are accepted in both crypto and fiat, so it will be possible to see which of the two currencies will bring in the most donations. 

By purchasing the NFT with cryptocurrencies, the lucky owner will receive: a unique 100% digital NFT file with the microphone and the Kalush Orchestra, an exclusive meeting and dinner with members of the Kalush Orchestra, and the opportunity to receive the physical object, the crystal microphone, provided the bidding is higher than in fiat currency.

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and the NFT trophy

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 took place in Turin, Italy, on 14 May, receiving a television audience of 161 million viewers in 34 measured markets, and 18 million viewers also followed the contest online on YouTube and TikTok.  

“161 million people tuned in to Eurovision 2022 as ratings across the continent rose to the highest levels this decade”.

Forty countries participated, with Russia excluded directly from Eurovision. The winning song was ‘Stefania’ by Kalush Orchestra, written entirely in the Ukrainian language. 

Ukraine was also the first ever to mint the ‘Crystal Microphone’ NFT

Ukraine and Everstake donations

Recently, Everstake, a major staking platform based in Ukraine, released a video encouraging people not to stop donating in crypto for Ukraine. 

The video was made in collaboration with Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov

In March, the same minister had launched the NFT Museum, the Meta History Museum of War: a war timeline in which events are represented by Non-Fungible Tokens. Again, the proceeds from the sale of the NFTs were used for the Ukrainian government to raise funds to help the population affected by the Russian attacks. 

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