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Cryppo: news on NFT collectibles from The Cryptonomist

Cryppo, the NFT project created by The Cryptonomist in collaboration with The Nemesis and ArtRights, is announcing several new items for the continuation of the roadmap.

The collection of 2375 NFTs was sold on OpenSea at the end of 2021 with a complex roadmap, including a game, the metaverse on The Nemesis, a token, staking and farming and much more.

Noku website interface

The team announces the fantastic news of the NFT-based project Cryppo

First of all, the team announced that the project’s token will not be a brand new CRYPPO, but rather Noku‘s existing token will be distributed to holders, given the new partnership with the Swiss company. 

This will benefit users because it is a token that is already listed on several exchanges, with efficiently distributed liquidity, a community of over 50,000 people, several utilities already in place, and a value that today is around $0.50.

Thanks to the collaboration with Noku, there will also be a bridge on this EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) with low fees and high speed, which is optimal in particular for blockchain-based games. 

Noku has also created its own video game called Crypto Heroes, a Pokemon-style card game where users can win or lose based on the cards in their possession and market trends by adding or subtracting card scores. 

Among these playing cards, the Cryppo card will also be added for greater connection and utility of the two projects.

The NFT Cryppo of one of the collectible cards

The collaboration between Noku and Cryppo

Noku’s own team, active since 2017, is helping Cryppo in the creation of the platform for farming and staking tokens. In fact, according to the roadmap, holders of these NFTs will be able to buy so-called “staking houses” and farm their own Cryppo to obtain the Non-Fungible Tokens of the entire Cryppo family, i.e. Cryppa and the little Cryppies.

Staking houses can be bought in Noku tokens, which will then be previously distributed to the holders.

Staking tokens will be a further feature of the platform, being able to lock one’s Noku to earn more over time.

These platforms and the bridge should be ready by June.

The bridge of the Noku network

The meetup for Cryppo holders in Lugano

In June there will be the first Cryppo meetup, namely on 13 June in Lugano, Switzerland, in conjunction with the Metaforum.ch event. Cryppo holders will be able to enter with major discounts and facilities, as well as physically redeeming merchandise from the project.

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